All About HIM

He used to rule my world, my complete
universe revolved around him I couldn’t
breathe without him, I thought I had
to own him like a piece of property.

I swore I would be his wife and took him
off the eligible bachelor’s list, so I kept him
for a while, falling in and out of love
all in the same day, but he made me mad,
and we didn’t talk for days.

I needed a break from him, so I took
some time to re-group, and from there
we grew apart and migrated to different worlds
it’s been days, it’s been months,
but what can I say?
I’m happy without HIM.

2 thoughts on “All About HIM

  1. Hello, how is everything,
    Share your poetry with potluck week 19 today.. Thanks..
    Poets Rally Week 38 will be 3 weeks apart from this week…got to attend poetry potluck to stay active…

    hope to see you in….


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