A Tree Within Me

There’s a tree growing within me,
a hope like fire burning within me,
a thirst like water running within me,
a courage like love fueling me,
success is my story

fear has no place here,
it has a sour and bitter taste I hate,
a big, big lie that should never be believed,
a prison with limited access,
locks and chains that takes courage to break

Take Back Your Rights

It’s quite easy to forget to live
outside of those stifling everyday routines.
Sometimes it’s hard to feel alive
when there’s a stale, empty feeling inside.
It takes love to strive,
courage to keep on diving into murky waters,
strength to survive,
perseverance to fuel the drive
despite the pot holes,
traffic jams,
congested streets

Let nothing stop the flow of survival.
Use your will to rise up more powerful than ever before,
when you fall down and it’s always bound to happen,
it is not an excuse to stay
plastered to the ground like road kill.

Work towards permanent fulfillment,
never compromise your happiness
for a few seconds of relief,
short-term pleasures are often regrettable
Live your life right
Believe in truth
Fight for your rights
Don’t accept lies as honest living
Reject the new world order
Take back your life from slippery hands
Say NO to global enslavement.

Life And The Outcome

Who showed that life was a playing field,
a world coated with discoveries,
clothed in mysteries and daring fortunes.

Who’s behind the screen
watching the poor scrape by to make ends meet
as the rich get richer off the poor man’s illiteracy.
World hunger escalates on the dingy side
while food gets tossed by the boatload
on the streets paved with gold.

Some bright eyes see nothing wrong
with throwing away perfectly good food.
People all over the world is suffering
the basic needs of life can’t be met;
yet some have iPhone and blackberry cellphones.
Whats wrong with that picture?

This world, this life is just a playing field.
Every human being a pawn,
a player in a chess game.
The only option is to play or get played.

The good die young and the bad prevail.
Materialistic things top the list of the most desired.
War after war carries the torch of madness and destruction.
Love is scattered, its meaning buried deep.
Hatred is the new universal language.
At least, that’s what the world wants to see happen.

The world is clouded with brainwashed people,
almost zombie-like, in retaliation for freedom.
Freedom…at whose or what expense?
Who controls the world?
Sucking the energy and life out of mankind
for their own satisfaction. Total world domination
WILL NEVER be the evil man’s cup of tea.

Hope for a better tomorrow comes with a price,
a price only a few are willing to pay these days
because people are sucked into a materialistic lifestyle,
blinded by the bling-bling,
fighting unnecessary wars that was cooked up in a kitchen,
giving up their life in vain.

It seems, it seems like happiness is a delicacy.
Even with the rich man’s billions, still can’t afford it.
Who said that life was meant to be
as difficult as it has been for so many people.
Life was meant to be a lived in peace, love and happiness.
That is what God wants.

The last days are here.
Believe it or not, everything is changing right before filtered eyes.
The problem is: the world is too blind to see;
too brainwashed to wake up from the trance.
The solution: step away from the TV and seek God.

Written In A Book

My life, goals and dreams
centuries ago.
Written in the Book Of Life.
Minor altercations made here and there
to go along with the change of times.

Everything is bound to happen
right on schedule though
ditching natural and man-made disasters.
Give or take a little time and patience.

Life is a Journey

I try to hide my emotions
deep down inside of me
but no matter where I go,
they always seem to find me.

I try not to cry in front of others
when all I want to do is break down
and cry, allowing every wall
I’ve ever held up to tumble down
when my emotions get the best of me.

I try to always think on a positive note
but there are times
when negativity consumes my airwaves
and I fall down
into a spiral staircase of self-destruction.

I try to laugh more than I frown
But sometimes I let certain things or people in my life
drag me down into confusing directions,
adding to my disappointments
and falling short of my expectations.

I try to be the best me
I can possibly be
‘cause at the end of the day,
after everyone has made their way home,
I have to find my way home too.

On Stage

As the melodies to the song
plays in the background,
deep in my thoughts,
I try to relay,
the message of the tunes.

I carefully sing the words,
to the song I choose,
with passion and grace
out to the weary audience.

But, inside I’m crying out deeply;
there’s a strong sense of loss;
secluded by the magnitude of
my past, present and future
failures and success, hurts, pains,
anger, frustration, disappointments…
blah, blah, blah!

On stage,
the glass image of myself
shattered and broke
away from the chains, foolishly guarded,
bundled and wrapped with joy and care.

And as I fell apart inside and out;
I could no longer hold onto
my sweltering face of melted goo.

Plop, plop, plop!
It fell onto the hardwood floor and pasted
the image I was always afraid to excavate.
Without knowing my life
had changed at that very tune;

in desperation, I was
only trying to piece back together
my life as it had been
in the past, present, and…now
…the way it was before
the song started to play.