Poetry Roll

I hope you enjoy this meager anthology of poems.


Hope never dies.
Somewhere inside it dwells,
planning a revival party.
Don’t allow things to get to a point
where every indentation seems dark and lonely.


Carry your freedom like a torch.
Wear it on your sleeve like it’s your favorite scent.
Please don’t exchange it for currency,
it is your priceless masterpiece.

He’s Not Ready

Until he’s ready,
he will never
commit to her or anyone else.
It’s not about her
but she will never understand
why he didn’t choose her love.


She finally found a man
who could be her everything
but he’s not her type of guy.
He is everything she dreamt of externally
but his outside appearance doesn’t fit the bill.

She Bleeds for Him

Now and then,
her heart bleeds for him.
She’s had too many stitches
from wounds, he left her with
tear-stained cheeks.
Yet, she yearns for him
every single night.

Lifetime Mistake

She will never forget
the day she had an abortion
It is the kind of torture
that can never be explained away.
Every child she saw
served as a reminder
of her lifetime mistake
but she moved on
with the progress of time,
she learned to forgive herself.

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