Why Worry?

Why worry about tomorrow —today?
Living life to the fullest every day
should be our motto. Each moment
passes us by; moments we’ll never be able
to get back; stuck on what we can’t have,
we remain in limbo.

Afraid to grab hold of today
we let opportunities miss us
by calling it quits, complaining
while the breath is still present within us
we worry our way into the asylums
out of fear of our undiscovered potentialities
we take a backseat.

Every Day Like Yesterday

It’s a bittersweet awakening, rising
every excruciating day with no effort
on my part, all fatigued and grumpy. A repeated
episode from yesterday and every day before
a cup of tea gets the lengthy day ahead brewing.

It’s a discouraging situation. I’m exhausted,
slaving away endlessly into a wheelchair
retirement, I watch as things remain unchanged
in my circle. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough
and don’t want to admit it, I wallow
in self-pity, as my anxieties increase.