Imperfect Masterpiece

Every juncture of my life
has been injected with ups and downs
There’s always something
crumbling down around me
My life is an imperfect masterpiece

I think about times in the past
when I was at rock bottom
from the bottom looking up
I couldn’t imagine I’d be where I’m standing today
battling those same ups and downs
that pushes me to be my best

The Result of Being Nice

I’ve tried to be the one
who everyone can turn to
The problem is, I always get hurt
in the process of being nice
always giving a helping hand
though I’m not looking for anything in return

Others can count on me
but I can’t count on anyone
In my time of need,
there’s no one to rescue me
It’s time I learn my lesson
saying no isn’t a bad thing

A Tree Within Me

There’s a tree growing within me,
a hopeful fire burning within me,
a well of water running deep within me,
a courageous love fueling me,
success is my story

fear has no place here,
it has a bitter taste I hate,
a lie that should have never been believed,
It is a prison with minimal access
and I will not be silenced

Mother Won’t Soon Forget

the thought never crossed
her mind until she became pregnant
at what seemed like…
the wrong time in her life.

became the centerpiece of her existence
the moment she realized it was a choice

in her haste to get rid of “it”
she chose to end the life of
that precious baby that’s part of her
but at that moment, it seemed right
that’s her justification

in her haste to get rid of it
It…it…there, right there
on that operating table in that
not-so-obvious clinic on the corner of Main Street

abortion kills the child
and harms the mother’s mental health

Anger Is Misery

To feed off anger is a miserable place to be,
this poison eats away every ounce of happiness
It is the destroyer
of all things good
Once that emotion has been unleashed,
it is hell to pay (and more)
nothing will ever seem right
be careful with your words
watch your actions and reactions

I Can’t Deny

I can’t deny
That the world is full of opportunities
And there are many opportunities I’d like to grab a hold of
This is not a fast crawl to fame
I’m in it for the long haul
And I’m learning (as long as I’m awake)
I’m not slowing down
This is the new me

Our Paths Crossed Again

It was me to blame
What tore us apart
Or so I thought it was my fault
That we became strangers
I didn’t know our paths would cross again
On the bright side
I matured and moved on, finally
And then you made contact
I always wondered why there was no closure
But I was able to get some things off my chest
And now it’s all water underneath the bridge
We’re both in better places in our lives