The Game Adults Play

He finally said he loved her.
O wow!

She’s not sure if she should dance with excitement,
it took him long enough but it’s a little too late
even for a girl like her.
She has moved on and now her well of love
no longer stalks him for:
the attention he barely gave,
the conversations he scarcely engaged in,
the phone calls he neither made
nor took the time to receive,
the gifts he was too cheap to give
…on birthdays or at Christmas times
…or just a random gift.

He was always too busy for her taste and time
and when he saw her he did nothing
but bring her A game down
with his book of ready-made excuses.

See, this is the part that gets her the most:
when it came time to ramp and play
he was always in sight making sure
he got all the nooks and crannies.
Typical male-play?
She didn’t want to be apart of that mess.

She, of course,
was on her main course of finding “Mr. Right”
but was she wrong for thinking
he would be “the one”?

Maybe she should have kept him grounded
instead of chasing him around for so long.
Maybe she was a fool.
Maybe she should have held out
and not be the first
to say “I love you”.


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