The past is no excuse
for who I have become,
what I say or do today.

I had choices.
I made them.
At the time, knowledgeable or not.
Now I should be wiser.

I ended up where I am
because of my poor choices.
And I’m not holding anyone else
accountable for my own actions.
I, myself, am responsible.

Every day is learning
and humbling experience.
I’m not mad about the struggles now.
Although, I used to be quite upset.

I’m still learning
to just breathe.
Taking life in strides.
God has been helping me to overcome.


Estranged father.
Neglects his own
flesh and blood while
playing dress-up with
another man’s child.

He’s all bitter
with excuses when it comes
to his own children yet
beams with love and excitement
for hitting the jackpot.

The Hot & Thirsty Days

My mind has cleared up a lot.
It used to be
a dumping ground for filth,
those were the hot and thirsty days.

I’d spend my free time
lusting after past loves.
Reminders of what was,
good memories or not.
Just to soothe the loneliness.

I’d chase after them
long after our flings were over.
To entertain them,
I’d fill their heads and hearts
with tall tales of what
I thought they were missing.

In the end, I’d lose my self-respect.
I’d put my heart on the line
out of sheer stupidity.
Desperation at its finest.
Fresh pain over old wounds.

Truly Blessed

No matter how high up
the ladder I climb,
I must remain humble.

Everything I have can be
taken away without warning.

Although, sometimes I find myself
complaining more than I should.
I realize how blessed I truly am.

Proverbs 15

I’ve been struggling
with anger and frustration.
Been careless with my words.
Just plain miserable.

Been praying for relief
with no cure in sight.
Desperation was setting in.

I needed a miracle like yesterday.
The Holy Spirit told me
to read Proverbs 15.

Sword Bible

Gotta look the other way
more now than ever.
Temptations come my way
more now than ever.
My mood isn’t always the best.
I could use some encouragement.

Sometimes, I don’t want
to pray or read my Bible.
Deep down I know,
it is my sword.
And I shouldn’t proceed without it.

I need to plant
God’s Word in my heart.
Or, I’ll be lost forever.
I need to do that right now.
This very day.