Cry Out

Stay away
from that place
called hell
where the fire
never burns out.

There’s no water
to put out the flames.
It will burn forever.

Cry out
to the only One
who can save you
from everlasting damnation.

Ask Him
to save you
and He will deliver you.

Limit Exposure

Taking careful steps.
I’m more aware of what I say and do.

Limiting my exposure.
Not everything should be entertained.

One Size Fits All

I am separating
myself from the crowd.
No longer do I want
to blend in
for a one-size
fits all deal.

Fitting in
has always been
my go-to route
for acceptance.

Although, I never
found my niche.
I remained a stranger
sharing symptoms
with like-minded tools.

A Drowning People

No boundaries.
All lines erased.
Crowd pleasers.
Money chasers.

Maybe a sledgehammer
will be able to break
through all of dirt and filth
blinding the eyes and
blocking the ears
of a drowning people.

No Guarantee

We need to help each other out.
We’re all in the same boat,
whether we think so or not.

There’s no guarantee.
Lavish living today.
Destitute tomorrow.

Life has a funny way of
telling stories and teaching lessons.
Helping others should be second-nature.

A BIG Deal

This precious, precious
breath you breathe,
it is so valuable.

You breathe
without even thinking about it;
without even realizing
what you truly have.

You have life.
And that’s a big deal.

Thread Carefully

Don’t settle down in the past.
Going there, living there
can be a real mood killer.

It’ll make you feel
like you’ve never left
if you allow
those feelings and emotions
to resurface.

You may never forget
and some things might keep
you up at night but thread carefully.

The days when you are at your best,
will be the days when
reminders explode like fireworks.
The past will show up with vengeance.


I used to love
the watered-down,
candy-coated gospel.
Everything about it
tickled my ear.

I loved the pretty, perfect
pictures that were painted
every Sunday morning.
Hell didn’t seem too scary.
I wanted my best life now.

“If I knew then
what I know now”,
I would’ve ran far away
from those lies.

I was a dead person walking
but I did not know it at the time.
I felt invincible to a certain extent.
Living my best life now made sense.