Deeper Than The Ocean

Friends come and go
but there are those
whose friendships
run deeper than
the ocean.

My daughter cried.
My son is sad.
Another friend moved away.
Friends for life.
It’s a beautiful connection.

Through The Storm

Before the storm begins,
I’m going to give
God the praise.

When I’m going through
the lightning and thunder,
I’m hyped up even more.

And when everything is calm and pretty,
I won’t stop shouting
because I know
there’s another storm coming
and He will see me through.

Premature Adulthood

Little children everywhere
tingle with excitement,
on the quest for premature adulthood.

Simply being a kid,
too much work,
an unbearable experience.

Running around freely,
leaves a sour taste,
the confines of a room work wonders.

A “do whatever I want” mentality,
no repercussions, parents take a back seat.
The timer is speeding.


Use your talents.
You’ve got greatness within you,
multiple your gifts,
pull another person up.
You can achieve your dreams.
There’s no limit.
Free up your mind.
Built for success.


Just visiting.
Here for a moment.
Gone the next.

This gift.
This breath of life.
Appreciate every moment.

This is the only thing
that’s truly free.
Your time will come.

Encourage Yourself

Encourage yourself.
It takes courage
to be so brave.

Plant and water your goals.
Don’t let your fears
wither your dreams away.

Turning Another Chapter

It just takes a few
wonderful people to make
a girl like me feel
loved on my birthday.

I’m not the fancy type,
too much noise and attention
sucks away my energy.
Small and simple does it.
I feel so blessed and loved.

Time For Reality

Easy to say
Looks good on paper
Let the dream begin

Harder to do
Needs many, many revisions
Reality sinks in

Grab & Go

If you decide to look back,
just grab what you need and go.
Don’t stay longer than necessary.

You’ve already closed
that chapter in your life.
Don’t reopen what’s done.