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Dear Lord…

Thank you for dying on the cross for me and
for providing all of my needs.
I am a sinner Lord and
my only desire in this life is
to have a closer walk with you.
Teach me how to pray
without vain repetitions.
Teach me how to do things Your way only.
Please accept me as I am,
broken and in need of a Savior.


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You Stood Up

Thank you for being brave, 
For standing up for your belief.

Even when, there was a reason to fear,
you resisted the urge to retreat.

You’re not afraid of living or dying,
a testimony to your faith.

It’s funny how pointing a gun in your face
will bring out the nature of your heart.

You stood up
without fear.

Your conviction
was clear as day.

Your faith in God renewed
someone else’s struggle with their faith.

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False Freedom

Man destroys the image of God daily
– spits on the cross
– stomps on the Bible
– blasphemies His name
– adds and takes away from His Word

Mankind created a false sense of peace and security.
Parading about life with no true sense of direction.
Living on their own time and space,
not realizing the consequences of their actions

making final decisions that sealed the gate,
blocking salvation, opening doors that has sent
many, many, many, many
“good” souls to their final destination,
that place called hell that was never intended for man

all in the name of riches for a season,
lost in the luxuries of this temporary euphoria,
in this constantly changing environment,
fascinated with being their own little gods
spreading a false sense of hope and reality.

What is truth isn’t being taught.
Yet, what is dishonest gets circulated like blood.
The world is covered in darkness
until God’s Will brings the light.

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Forgiveness is a rare gift
in these precious and last days.
Not too many people understand
the power that it holds.

Hearts are hardened when one does not forgive.
However, lives are transformed when used as intended.

The soul calms down,
the heart is filled with joy,
demons tremble,
and God forgives too.

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Humble Reflection

I look at my life today,
thankful as can be

things are far better
than I expected
not perfect but great

I think about where I have been
down long, dark, and lonely streets

sampling this path and that path,
just lost and confused as can be

that wide path seemed inviting,
a little bit of this and that along the way

but thankfully I found Jesus Christ
before I walked off the cliff into the abyss

after many long years, I finally and
humbly asked Him into my heart

after being sidetracked for so long,
I had put Him on the back-burner to burn

still by His grace I was set free
from all the bondage I had inflicted upon myself,
there’s no need to run or hide anymore

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Pride Aside

I am not too proud to fall down
on my knees to pray and worship.
I don’t feel right anymore if I don’t.

Even the strongest kneel down
when they need a refill of strength.

I used to be a proud case.
Praying was one of the hardest things for me to do.
It felt more of a chore than anything.

Back then, I had lost
my faith and blamed God for my downfall.

But now, at this crucial time.
I have repented and asked God back into my life.
For me, it’s now or never.

I’ve accepted the challenge.
Let His will be done in my life.
Though I may not be prepared.
It’s ok!

My life is being rearranged for my good.
I’m honored to serve a wonderful and loving God.
And I will die fighting, making sure my life is right with God.