Be Still

I’ve repented many times before.
Often times, wondering if
I truly meant those sacred words.

For the first time in a long time,
I truly repented.
Where do I go from there?

I was left with this…

“Be still and know that I am God” .

Modern Family

It sounds weird
to say I love you.

It’s unexpected
when we hug.
Usually, by a force of hand.

When we look
each other in the eye,
it’s rare.

We talk at each other,
not to each other.

We listen with our mouths
and never with our ears.

It’s almost as if
we are afraid of each other,
but not quite.

When we spend time together,
it’s so disconnected and painful;
it’s like pulling teeth,
it feels uncomfortable.

We don’t know each other,
although we say that we are close.

The Cycle

I did not grow up
with my father.
And now my children have
repeated the cycle.
At least thats the way
it seems for now.
I am trusting in the Lord
for great and mighty things.
I know that He is able.

Stop Complaining

Stop whining and complaining.
It is one of the worst things you can do.
It blocks your blessings
in ways you may never understand.
Just ignore the constant temptation.

Secular Music and The Church

I used to listen to
those songs on the secular scene
that’s hot on the Christian radio.
The people love their remixes.

Only the words have changed
to pretty up the message
…keeping it sanctified, or whatever.

The church has been piggybacking
off of the world
to bring in the young crowd
with hopes of keeping them hyped.

I don’t know who “he” or “him” is,
it could be about a woman.
I’ve had to shut that mess down
and only deal with talk radio

The world and the church
(95% of it now) have blended in
to become part of the one world,
new world order.

Yep, the devil goes to church too.
I’m sure he does not miss a day
to entertain the people.

Be Your Best Version

Life is rough and tough,
no doubt about it.
Everyone has been dealt
some unbearable blows,
everyone has a story to tell.

Should you stay down
or should you get up?
That’s the question on everyone’s minds
when things take a different turn.

I know it’s not easy.
I know you feel like giving up
but it’s only for a season.

Be the best version of yourself,
no matter what it will cost you.
Do good!
Someone else is looking up to you
to show them that they can make it.

Men and Women Think Differently

Internally, you operate.
Quietly working through your problems.
You need space think.
Doesn’t mean you’ve checked out.

You respect my need to breathe.
You’ll give me time to think.

Externally, I operate.
It’s messy in my head.
I need to talk about my problems now.
My idea of space is nonstop talking.
It’s going to take a while to get through.

I can’t let you breathe.
I need to know what you are thinking.

Life happens

You’ve made all of the right moves.
Did everything that were expected of you.
Yet, life dealt you a nasty blow.
Life happened!
It is exactly what you have been
preparing for your whole life.
Yet, it is not what you expected.

Use Your Sword

Stay vigilant.
Test every spirit
that comes before you.

For your benefit,
do not leave home without your sword.
It is written for your defense.

Fully arm yourself, it is your right.
The devil knows the Word well.
Better than most Christians.

For his benefit,
he will trick you
with twisted scriptures.
Don’t fall asleep.

Customized Love

The love a parent gives
will build the foundation for life,
they will always think about
what life was like as a child.

Children crave that special time,
that special bond,
that special kind of attention
that only a customized
kind of love can explain.