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Value Patience

Valuing patience.
Trying to do it right this time.
No rushing to get cheap results,
just trusting God for all of my needs.

I wasn’t always like this,
in fact, I’d try to solve things myself
which usually turned out all wrong.
Never once did I feel fulfilled.

Now, I’m learning to let things flow.
Enjoying the present moment,
for they only last
just a second and then they’re gone.

Never to be seen or heard from again.
Life is too short. 

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The Rapture

“Without warning it will happen”

Are you ready? 

Prepare yourself now. 

Jesus Christ is coming soon. 

All of the pain you’re going through right now and over the years are temporary 
Compared to the eternal peace you will have in heaven.

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Shameless Generation

Little or no shame.
Little or no morals.
A mouthful of curse words.
And a bag of lies to go with that.
Thieves at every corner.
No to mention killers are born every day.
A desensitized people.
Still, that is nothing new.
These things are easy to do.
Wrong is right,
as long as, it is not hurting anyone.

The TV, the music, and everything of this world is the teacher.
No questions asked.
The people just bow down to their god.

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The Devil’s Playground

“The world” use to excite me.
I couldn’t wait to be a part of it
when I was old enough to make my own decisions.

Everything about it looked inviting.
Plus, almost everyone I knew was into it.

No one really had anything bad to say about it.
Don’t know too many people who walked away from it
without looking back.

Even if they left for a while,
they often came back
and picked up right where they left off at.

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Pieces Of War

They’ve seen it all.
Innocent lives lost,
comrades being blown into pieces
in the name of peace.

After the war,
there is no escaping the plagues.
They keep coming back.

The suffering is covered up.
But the flesh-eating wounds remains open.
Can’t avoid the stress and the pain.

The nightmares won’t stop.
Post traumatic stress disorder.
Just a piece of you remains.

You left civilian life a man or a woman
but came back dead and buried
behind enemy lines.

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Concrete Slab

For many,
home is just a house
floating on top of water

a concrete slab
of disappointments,

bare walls called rooms
occupied with strangers

And sometimes decorated
with this thing called love,
no one really shows.

Every problem under the sun exist there
except what a family really needs
to stay grounded.