Present Day Church

Church is
a band-aid
for sin.

It’s a holding cell
for sinners,

the majority
does not leave convicted.

They just walk away
with a slap
on the wrist.

Armed And Dangerous

that’s what I do daily,
for everything.

I try to keep it consistent,
though it takes
a lot of time and discipline.

I don’t really mind
much anymore though,
it keeps my mind at peace.

Unique, Part 2

People still don’t understand
my unique personality.
Quite frankly, I probably don’t
understand theirs either.

So I just don’t waste
my time anymore, hoping
I’d be magically accepted.

God made me.
And He made me
for a purpose that no man
will ever understand
and that is the path I’m on.

I know to whom I belong.

Unique, Part 1

I used to walk around
with my head hanging low,
my eyes popping out the sockets,
and my mouth scraping the ground,
all because I was
feeling sorry for myself.

I’d feel the tears soaking my shoes,
sometimes I could hardly
move a step further,
wondering if I’d ever
be accepted for who I am.

I was that
quiet, shy, and reserved
type of person…
not too many people understood
my unique personality.