Stay Bulletproof

Show God’s love to others,
no matter what they say or do.

Respect yourself first and foremost
so that you will always know your worth.

Help anyone you can
and appreciate every single blessing.
Give thanks every single day.

Communication is a good tool to have.
Use it as often as you can.

Kindness isn’t as hard as you think,
just a few positive words
can make a big difference.

Truly listen,
sometimes it’s best to stay quiet.

Increase in knowledge and wisdom,
learning is never outdated.

Follow your instincts,
it is always right.

Forgive yourself and anyone
who has ever done you wrong,
family and friends alike.
Karma is not pleasant.

Don’t forget to pray.
Stay on your knees
through the good times and bad times.
This is your armor.

Above all, put God first.
He will supply all of your needs
and bless you with more than
you could ever imagine.

15 Seconds

A very short scene
unfolded before my eyes.
I laughed out loud
at just the thought of
what I had just seen,
maybe I was going crazy.

There was an audible voice.
It said something
that I’ve only been able
to remember that day
and that day only.

What happened?
I don’t really remember.
I just know
that a few hours later,
it actually happened.

The Message

Finding reasons,
everything has one.
Asking questions,
totally normal.
Slow down,
get grounded in the Word.

Blind faith,
walk straight without compromise.
Discerning the times,
travel lightly.
It’s nearing towards
the end of the road.

Pure Giving

Expect nothing!
Nothing at all.
Not even a “thank you”.
Just give
what has been planted in your heart.
Don’t let your left hand
know what the right one did.


People see outside appearances,
not your heart or your struggles.
They don’t see your progress,
just your flaws and mistakes.
Your past keeps making a comeback.

Fighting Doubt With Faith

“It’s the uncertainty”.
Fighting to eliminate the doubt.
Doubts are distracting.
Not one that requires entertaining.

Faith is stronger
yet worrying is the easy way out;
easier to maintain.
It’s looking ahead and walking upright
when you feel weighted down.

Without The Microscope

Child: back then…
the world felt enormous,
a gigantic playground sums it up.
Laughter reigned.
Dreams formed.

Adult: now…
it seems smaller,
the microscope ripped away.
The real face of reality shows up.
Dreams are put on the back burner.

Because I love you…

(to my amazing children)

…I will sit you down
and explain things to you
to get you prepared for life.

I am not afraid of correcting you.
In fact, it is one of my top duties.

I will work on my listening
and choose my words with care.

Just so you know, being your friend
is not of any importance to me.
I cannot compromise honesty for a thrill.
Lies leave paper trails.

As your mother, I will always do
my best to guide and protect you
with God as the head of our family.

Put The Phone Down

Joined at the hips.
It knows more than you ever will.
It has become your brain.
It’s meant to think for you.

Writing is a chore.
Texting is the new pen and paper.
The whole world is in your hands
or so you’ve been led to believe.

This thing is very, very addictive.
It is constantly on your mind.
What if this or that happens!

Say, a missed call.
So you turn up the volume.
Sorry, don’t want that tragedy to happen.
Or, no text message alert.
Constantly glancing.

You have no life.
This thing goes everywhere with you.
You spend so much time together,
it’s like another family member.

Tired eyes.
Short on sleep.
Fighting the
“I’m going to miss something
if I put this phone down
or decide to turn it off
in case of an emergency”
very, very clever trick
to imprison the mind.

Sleepless Nights: I Remember…

Loosing many, many nights of sleep.
I’d lay in my bed,
unable to sleep
because of what was to come.

The kitchen light would stay on
into the wee hours of the early morning.
The grown folks would gather
at the kitchen table,
which was right next to the bedroom
and they’d talk about me like a dog.
The tears would flow for hours.

Buried past
God is unraveling me
Greater purpose

Happy: I Remember…

How happy I was growing up.
Just innocent and carefree.
I wasn’t distracted with technology.
Outside play was my favorite.

Watching TV was a treat.
My time was well-spent
reading many, many books
and exploring my developing imagination.

Buried past
God is unraveling me me
Greater purpose