Come As You Are

Come as you are.
The church door should be open
for you to enter in.

Don’t be discouraged.
Let God’s Word
transform your life.

The way you walked in
and the way you’re walking out
should not be the same after a while.

Ton of Bricks

If God’s word is
properly understood,
it’ll hit you
like a ton of bricks
and have you repenting.
You’ll end up
begging for more discipline.


Blank stare.
Out of focus.
Blurred lines.
Moving scenes.

Standing still.
Almost frozen.
Helplessly watching.
Screaming inside.

Secrets No Longer

Lies and truth
ripped a part.
No longer entangled
into one big mess.
My secrets,
now into the light.

My story,
meant to help someone else.
This revelation
is bigger than
what’s hiding in my closet.

Closet Bones

Worrying to death.
Story of my life.
About what everyone will think;
there are things about my past
that is about to be revealed.
God says “let them”.
Their closets are full of bones, too.


I used to spend time
chasing after
someone else’s dream.

Whenever I copied
their lifestyle,
I would get

this temporary high;
it felt good to live
“in the heat of the moment”.

I wanted
the nice things they had.
I called it “living”.

I wanted to
“keep up with the Jonses”
but they were always ahead.

Believe me, I tried.
And I cried.
And I tried again and again.

Their blessings
I could not claim
as my own.

Well-Deserving Vengeance

Looking back
used to be
my real cup of tea.

It used to
taste better
than the first time
around, or so I thought.

All fine and dandy;
happy galore,

The pain I had buried deep;
tucked away neatly inside,
would rehash with a
well-deserving vengeance.

The Expert

Lack of self-confidence,
I’m an expert in that field.

Many powerful opportunities
were bypassed when
my wimpy fear moved in.

I wanted victory
but did not know how
to claim it.

Defeat became
my default cover story.

Plate of Darkness

Blocked; clogged minds.
Polluted by the garbage
promoted by the world.

The people lay dormant,
cannot think for themselves.

Whatever the top 1% says,
goes; no red flags go up.
The other 99% are hungry and misled.

They accept
the plate of darkness
they’ve been handed
without asking questions.