Loose Cannon

Drowning in disappointments,
dying to be free,
caught in a spider’s web.

Trying to find relief
from the fire
burning up my insides.

I’ve been lashing out like an angry child,
admittedly I’m out of control,
operating like a loose cannon.

My peace of mind is at stake,
sautéing in misery,
not an enjoyable meal.

Opening Wounds

I try to dispense the best of myself
but sometimes I end up causing an uproar,
my disguised temper takes center stage
and my bottled-up anger boils over,

I fall apart quicker than I can gather my thoughts,
saying this, saying that,
opening new and old wounds.
In the end, guilt washes over me
I’ve given another bad performance.

Anger Betrays All

Anger betrays
almost anything.
Holding those weak enough
as prisoners in
a gasoline fueled
state of mind, ready to combust
at any given time.

Anger is like a leech.
It eats, breathes, feeds,
and manifest itself within.
Always there;
always staying put.