Pray for our children.
Pray for each other.
Pray for strength, courage, wisdom,
understanding, love and peace.
Stay on your knees
day and night.

Don’t Worry (About Worrying)

It’s easier to worry than to
trust that everything will be alright.
It’s safer to think the worst case scenarios first
than to see things in a positive light.
But worrying doesn’t solve a thing,
it causes a constant flow of frustration,
headaches, anxiety, depression,
and a long list of negative reactions.

Born Again

My mind is at ease,
peaceful as can be.
There is a calm.
I am free.

My heart is whole again,
pure as it should be,
not poisoned by the weight of this world.
I am free.

My soul is singing a song of freedom,
not caged up like an animal that should be out in nature.
I can spread my wings and fly.
I am free.

God is my light.
Today I prayed from my heart
without weight or compromise.
I am finally free.