Morning Depression

The conversation in my head begins
even before I open my eyes; I do
my best to fight the need to stay
nestled tight in bed. Resting all-day sounds
like a brilliant plan; I’m all for a lazy day.

Depression wiggled in, slick rick coming through,
but I cannot give in; it’s a beautiful day out
I see the sun peeping through my curtains
—automatic mood brightener—
hopeful, “I can do this.” I securely plant
my feet on the ground, winning another round
depression loses.

8 thoughts on “Morning Depression

  1. I really like your poetries because of this now I get to realise that I can also write poetries in English language and my English poetries can wlso make others to feel the words. for me not only hindi but now English is also a language of feelings.
    Please visit once and tell me you like that or not.

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  2. Wow you are talking about my problem. I have depression and everyday when I try to get up this morning depression kill me. 😔. I’m trying really hard to brighten my day.

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    1. Don’t give up! As long as you have life (breath), you have hope. I used to be very depressed, but over time, it just started to fade away. Focus your energy on positive things and you’ll be alright. What are you passionate about? What are you good at? I wish you all the best!


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