The Microwave Remedy

Ears itch,
they get scratched
and flees fall off
as they are spoken.

Words pitched up like a tent,
those empty pretty little words,
tied up with a cute, neat bow,
they hold no merit.

Instant nonsense.
Microwaved gratification.
Unweighed and sealed with love.

“I Love Yous” Every Day

Every day, I tell my children
I love them.
I want them to know
that they are loved.

Precious words
I didn’t hear growing up.
It’s still foreign to my ears
when I hear those sacred words.

Even hugs are alien to me.
I’m just not used to love.


I’ve been awake
for a while now
though I’m still asleep in some regard.

I began to see the many things,
we’ve been programmed
to miss with the naked eye.
Though the truth is still condensed
and marked with upgraded labels.

Real Talk

The moment you stop
supporting someone else’s dreams
and start funding your own,
they curse you out
and dash you away like trash.
Your enemies live closer to home.


Each day is uncertain
and I pray that I am prepared
when my time comes.

I plan to be here up into my 80s.
I don’t have the final say
but I hope this will stand true
as I have a big task to accomplish.

I start and end my day with prayer.
God is my strength, joy, and peace
in the midst of each storm.
I just couldn’t do it without Him.

My Own Version Of Brave

I’ve always been
my own version of brave.

Although in my eyes,
I’ve swallowed
nothing but fear.

I’ve lived a crippled life.
Held back by those invisible bars.

Double-Edged Sword

I never did succeed
in fitting in,
no matter how hard I tried.

Though the road is broad and inviting,
open 24/7.

I was never able to fit in
like the amazing puzzle piece
I thought I was meant to be.

I was never the right fit,
even when I met
all of the right criterias

Wasted Fear

You won’t do this.
You won’t do that.
You won’t go there.
You won’t speak up.
You shut down.
You live in a box.
Yet nothing bad happens.
Life continues on.

Still Loving

I love my family.
And it serves me well
to see them all making strides.
I hold no grudges against anyone
even though I cannot undo time
and all of the hateful experiences;
I wouldn’t trade my journey
for the greener looking grass.