I Can’t Deny

I can’t deny
That the world is full of opportunities
And there are many opportunities I’d like to grab a hold of
Lemme tell you
This is not a slow crawl to fame
I’m in it for the long haul
And I’m learning (as long as I’m awake)
Not slowing down
This is the new me

Our Paths Crossed Again

It was me to blame
What tore us apart
Or so I thought it was my fault
That we became strangers
I didn’t know our paths would cross again
On the bright side
I matured and moved on, finally
And then you made contact
I always wondered why there was no closure
But I was able to get some things off my chest
And now it’s all water underneath the bridge
We’re both in better places in our lives

We Have Been Slaves To Society

The shady governments and the 1% are after you and your family
They are out to ruin and destroy “we the people”
Divided we fall, if we don’t take a stand today

There is no getting ahead with them around
We will always struggle for everything, even our basic needs
They will always find a way to distract us from the truth…
cellphones, TV, music, the media, education,
the list goes on and on
…are distractions to divert us
from what’s really going on in the world

Our children are being misled, murdered, and assaulted
they know not what values and morals mean
any more than the adults who should be fearlessly guiding them do,
but we, as parents, must still try to
instill goodness and values in them
We must try to lead them in the way they should go
We must lead them to the truth and the way of God, our Father
They must know Him,
as we were taught as children to know Him.

The truth is: we have been slaves to society
And it’s time to take our freedoms back.
While shady governments are out getting richer and richer,
we, the people, remain poorer and worst off.

If I can tell you anything that makes sense,
and I hope one day you’ll see and know for yourself
what’s really going on before it’s too late
I will tell you this much:

Don’t lose your soul for worldly gain,
It is exactly what they (the 1% who control the world) want you to do
Don’t be bombarded or get caught up in the worldly things
Don’t be consumed by material gains or worldly fame
don’t play the game
They want to enslave you
and they will succeed
if you don’t wake up from the programming

Start by repenting of your sins, save your soul
Don’t fall prey to the deceit that’s going on; wake up
Jesus Christ is the only way out of this hellhole
Seek Him and seek Him first.
The government has done more than enough
to draw us away from God, but they will never succeed.

The truth is all around us
Call me crazy or mad, or a conspiracy theorist – you’re mistaken
I am awake now, no longer asleep

The truth is right in front of our faces…
Right in front of our faces,
but we have been programmed NOT to see any of the lies that are going on
Folks, “the new world order” is well on its way
The devil is not playing

It’s either you are with the program or against it
I, for one, will never bow down to man
Believe me, when all this goes down,
you’ll want God on your side
defending and protecting you from all evil

Getting the truth out is half the battle…
waking people up out of their slumbers is a war
but we have to try…
We have to try…
We have to try…

All the beauty that God has created
on this earth is being destroyed
And our God-given freedoms are slowly being snatched away
Before we know it,
there will be nothing beautiful and natural to see
and freedom will be a thing of the past

We must stand up now,
before we are in the middle of world War 3
And we won’t see it coming…
Because we are too busy watching tv,
talking on our cellphones,
swallowing everything the media has scripted to us, and so on…
it’s all one big game
But best believe, what’s in the dark
will most certainly be brought into the light

We are the 99%
Let that sink in for a moment
We are the 99%
It’s time to stand up and fight

You’ve been warned
The time to wake up is now!!!

Chasing After Dust and Dirt

A bank account to die for,
Many fancy cars and mansions,
Complete with a lonely island

I see you putting on a show
the best of the best, you have more than enough
Do you! Keep flashing that good, good life

I see you
And it doesn’t mean anything in my eyes
Because in the end, it all accumulates to NOTHING but a pile of dirt and dust
Your soul, you’ve lost for worldly gain

I Don’t Care To Explain

I don’t care to explain
who I am,
why I am the way I am,
what made me this unapologetic,
or when did I become so careless with speaking my mind.

I’m not perfect.
Never will be.
I’ll never be like you or be who you want me to be.
It just doesn’t work like that.

Explanations aren’t necessary anymore.
There comes a time in life
when you just don’t give a damn
about what anyone thinks.
And it’s actually better that way (for my mental health).

It All Depends On You

Who you are,
depends on you.

What you stand for,
depends on you.

Who you become,
depends on you.

What you answer to,
depends on you.

How you live your life,
depends on you.

When you smile,
IT depends on you.

Your life is your own,
Live it the way you see fit.

(Someone is always going to have an opinion)

Effortless Day

I lit my entire existence on fire today,
cleansed my soul with a bit of laughter
It was an effortless day
I laughed and felt like a kid; it was fun,
Priceless and refreshing
I had to wipe that frown off my face today
I didn’t want to go another day
dragging the world on my shoulders
when it’s not even my cross to bear