to pursue my dreams.
I want to do it right
this time and be done with it.

Don’t want to preach to my kids
about the importance of education
when I haven’t finished mine.
I want my actions to solidify my words.

A Dreamer, Still

Some dreams become nightmares
but is it reason enough to give up hope?
the pinnacle of our survival,

Hope is
a pillow to prop our heads up
like a life jacket to keep us afloat

Hope is
a nudge to push us further
into the doors of our dreams
when we’ve hit a stumbling block or two or ten

Hope is
the magic wand that heightens up our moods
and reminds us of where we’re going

We can’t let our fears stump our growth.
We can’t let others trample on our goals.
We can’t let failure ruin our potentials

Push, push, push forward
don’t give up
search for the light
reach for the stars
push the clouds out-of-the-way

Still Dreaming

I’ve let my dreams burn on the back burner.
There is always something standing in the way,
some other bloodsucking task.

My dreams are charred
beyond recognition sometimes,
they disintegrate like dust
when I try to bring them back into perspective.

Written In A Book

My life, goals and dreams
centuries ago.
Written in the Book Of Life.
Minor altercations made here and there
to go along with the change of times.

Everything is bound to happen
right on schedule though
ditching natural and man-made disasters.
Give or take a little time and patience.

Peaceful Sleep

The realness
of the green grass
hugging my feet and kissing my toes
takes me back
to my wonderful childhood.

I’m running
in green pastures
as far as the eye can see.
all my goals and dreams
in my sleep
I am at peace and
I am truly happy.