Morning Depression

The conversation in my head begins
even before I open my eyes; I do
my best to fight the need to stay
nestled tight in bed. Resting all-day sounds
like a brilliant plan; I’m all for a lazy day.

Depression wiggled in, slick rick coming through,
but I cannot give in; it’s a beautiful day out
I see the sun peeping through my curtains
—automatic mood brightener—
hopeful, “I can do this.” I securely plant
my feet on the ground, winning another round
depression loses.

All Lines Erased

The world knows no boundaries
anymore; all lines erased to adjust
to everyone’s “right now” indoctrinated feelings
igniting the freedom to live out loud,
tortured minds, mental illness
—the new norm of expression—
bound by confusion. Dry bones are crawling
out of closets now to seek
the attention they never had before.

Cry Out

Stay away from that place called hell where
the fire never burns out; there’s no water
to put out the flames; it will burn forever
cry out to the ONLY ONE who can save you
from everlasting damnation ask God
to protect you, and He will deliver you for free.

Make Your Peace Count

Forgiveness goes a long way similar to manners
and respect; holding grudges, on the other hand,
carries unnecessary weight, misery, and regret;
lifetime burdens that hang around like best friends.

The weight might seem okay now
that fine and dandy mentality, but eventually,
your conscience will tell a bizarre story,
unlike no other party you’ve ever attended before.

It is better to be free with no bondage
than to be held hostage make things right
while you still can make your peace count.

Sweet Tooth

The devil is a straight-up liar
that bitter truth will never change; every day,
a new con artist shows up proclaiming
the true gospel. Shapeshifters twist scriptures
for tickling, itching ears no questions asked
the people want to satisfy their sweet tooth
with ideas of a better place when this life is over.

White Flag

I grew up in the church, so I thought I knew
Jesus Christ “well enough” to pass my way
into heaven; I thought my magnificent works
would be sufficient; how truly lost I was.

I didn’t think I needed to change that much;
maybe just a bit, yes, that would be enough.
I had heard about Jesus Christ my entire life,
so I did not think there was a possibility
of me missing anything significant,
exactly my thoughts.

I didn’t appreciate it when others would try
to “sell” Him to me; I didn’t think that was cool
though I knew I needed more information,
I’d find what I lacked in time
without human intervention.

I thought I knew Jesus Christ, but He did not
know my name, my exemplary works were inconsistent
and insufficient. I had to surrender my life
to Him before it was too late.

An Only Child

Each relationship with God is unique, a one
in a million type of experience; there’s no
other connection like it under the sun
no, not one can compare to God’s
everlasting love; He treats us as an only child.