Tug Of War

You’ve loved with your entire heart
but the love returned to you has been scarce.
You’ve continuously given the best of you
only to receive scraps of leftovers.
You are always there for others in need
but when it’s your turn, no one is present.

The Forever Friends

He said he’s just a platonic friend
one minute and the next he wants to be
have weekly benefits because that’s the best
he’s willing to give you
no matter how much he tries
to convince you he loves you deeply.

He’s told you he loved you
countless times but to show
how much, he refuses to sacrifice.
Too bad, you are attached to him
with your insecure self; you do not
understand your worth.

But because you love him in return,
you willing accept whatever
he’s enthusiastically given you no matter
how you feel about finding Mr. Right.

The truth is, you cherish him too much
and you always will so you put up with
his breadcrumb laced excuses.

Unhappy Trooper

She’s unhappy in every way,
her smile carved in stone.
Misery is her best friend,
it accompanies her wherever she travels.
She tries to find happiness in everything,
neglecting to search the one place she is destined
to find the key, available in her heart;
the only spot she’ll always feel content.

Family Is The Worst

Some families will tell you the worst lies.
They’ll destroy you and drain you
for every penny you’re worth.
Keep them closer than your competitors
and I’m stating this with experience.

When I think about my family,
sometimes, my heart tingles with scorn
to remember the things they did
to assassinate my mentality.

8 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Tug of War speaks volume in the words of my broken heart Time after Time
    yet such is the role of a true healer of lost souls that doesn’t even gift a dime…..
    Namaste`…..Stoney aka inyan~wicasa~waste`


  2. This touched me!

    I have just come across your blog and am really enjoying you poetry so far. I am putting together a collection of poems from both women and men about Love, relationships and dating. The book is called 7 Shades of Love. I would love to include your poem.

    This poetry book is designed to compliment my self-help book Mr Wrong, β€œa humorous and insightful exploration into why some women continually Mr Wrong and how to set out onto a positive path to Mr Right.” Check out my about page for more info.

    Please, if you are interested in contributing. Get in touch. For examples of my poems check out one I wrote here called Real Love. Also search for Real Love and Strong Women. Poems can be as long or short and in any format you wish.

    I look forward to hearing from you! If you are interested in getting involved, please inbox me or email me at


    D πŸ™‚


  3. The Forever Friend really touched me. I was in a similar situation with a friend/lover a few years ago, and while I didn’t completely love him, at the time I cared about him more than I had anyone else. I think this poem completely grasps the idea of friends with benefits, or ‘unofficial’ relationships. Thank you for posting this, it kind of gives me the will and strength to completely let go of my past!


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