Hell Is Patient

Earth is the devil’s playground.
Ruled by a jealous fallen angel.
Everything it takes will be done to entice you.
And when you take the bait,
all he does is laugh and move on the next one.
Leave no doors open for him to enter in.

Hell was not created for mankind.
Not even the devil wants to reside there.

Hell is patient.
However, it is not kind or loving.
There’s no comfort down there.

Here on Earth, it is your ONE chance
to serve a mighty God.
How you live will determine who is your master.
Either you choose God or the devil.
But you cannot serve both.

The devil will offer you hell in a hand-basket
SIN, SIN, SIN at its finest.
Nothing but temporary things
But condemnation will be the only permanent thing.

If you live for Jesus Christ.
Your reward will be in Heaven.

Everything you’re going through is only for a season.
Don’t get caught up in pleasing the world.
The devil is not your friend and will never be.


Excuses Not To Go To Church

For a long time, I didn’t want to go to church.
I didn’t want to congregate
with the lukewarm Christians,
though I was just as lukewarm.
If not, ice cold.

I didn’t see the need in pretending to be holy
along with the majority in the congregation
when I really wasn’t holy to begin with.

I noticed the way the ministers preached,
and realized that many of them
spoke more about themselves
than they did in delivering The Word of God

get rich now”,
“get your mansions now”
“there’s no such thing as hell”

more sermons were taught about prosperity
than instilling the fear of God in lost souls,

more of the world were brought into the churches
while there were less preachings on salvation.
Needless to say, I had found many reasons not to go

I felt like I was better off staying at home
reading my Bible and teaching myself
everything I needed to know.

I had missed the point.
I needed to have a good spiritual foundation
in order to help my faith grow.