Value Patience

 Learning the value of patience.
Trying to do it right this time.
No rushing to get cheap results,
just trusting God for all of my needs.

I wasn’t always like this,
in fact, I’d try to solve things myself
which usually turned out all wrong.
Never once did I feel fulfilled.

Now, I’m learning to let things flow.
Enjoying the present moment,
for they only last
just a second and then they’re gone.

Never to be seen or heard from again.
Life is too short.

The Rapture

¬†“Without warning it will happen”
Are you ready?
Prepare your households and yourselves.
Jesus Christ is coming soon!
Spread the word.

All of the pain
you’re going through right now
and have been through
over the years are temporary
compared to the eternal peace
you will inherit in heaven.