Out of my mouth.
I have lied.

Out of my heart.
I have committed murder and fornication.

I have committed adultery too.
Not to mention, lying and stealing.

Many times without realizing or even thinking
I had really done anything wrong.
In fact, my record was clean compared to others.

As long as, I was “good” by some standard,
there was nothing wrong with me and my actions.
I was perfectly fine with my salvation and my conclusion.

My whole life revolved around ME, ME, ME.
What I want.
What I need.
My emotions and feelings.
Getting what I can get free of cost.

It had never been about God.
I never took the time to ask Him
if what I had chosen for myself
was what He had in stored for me.
I just did my own thing,
my own way,
on my own time.

I had been serving the world a belly full every day,
a willing participant in my own destruction.

I claimed to love God and His Word
yet my actions didn’t reflect that in the least bit.

I devoted my time to working and trying to be rich.
I became distracted by luxurious things.
I know more about “how the world works”
than I do about my own Lord and Savior.

That is sad,
to be so consumed with living a worldly life.
I was blinded by sin.