The Truth Hurts

The TRUTH HURTS! Many people find it
harder to communicate honesty;
it’s the unpopular route; lies roll-off
tongues effortlessly; few understand
the meaning of accountability;
there’s a justification for everything.

Wake Up Call

I’m preparing my soul now
before there’s no time left
for repentance; I’m working on
my faith, watering my mustard seed
life on this earth is temporary
one day, my time will come; it might be
too late then if I continue to put it off
I no longer find pleasure in
the stuff I used to enjoy
I’m conscious of my surroundings
and I pray every day
for the full conviction of my soul.

Friendly Reminders #2

Use life as the opportunity of a lifetime
to make a difference, leave a legacy,
learn as you go, practice gratitude
you have more blessings than you can count
no matter your circumstances, appreciate it
don’t treat it as an inconvenience
you’re on a mission, check each step
off the list as you go along
tomorrow is not promised,
each second is precious.

“Harmless” Fun?

I don’t take part in Halloween; it has always been
a scary day to me, I see people dressed up
yearly in this “harmless” fun, they wear the less
scary costumes as a means for participation,
low-level witchcraft and satanism;
there’s more to this celebration
than what appears on the surface.

I can’t profess to serve Jesus Christ
while entertaining this deception.

Social Media “Friends” 

1,000 “friends” from high school shows up
in your Facebook friends request list,
you accept them though you were never
friends with your old classmates,
honestly you barely even know them,
but now, you are social media friends.

You’re curious about what they’ve been
up to over the years, and they’re also
curious about you. Are you happy or sad?
Are you married with children or single?
Are you college-educated and successful?
Where do you live now–in-state or out-of-state?

Is your house big or small, or are you renting?
Do you travel for work or jobless?
That’s all they want to know.
Who’s life is more exciting? And after
you’ve talked for a few minutes, there’s nothing
else left to say. Now, everyone is caught up
in your life. They’ll never speak to you again.

Families you haven’t seen in a while do this, too.

Men Do Not Cry

I see the pain in his eyes raw from
years of ill-treatment, he’s hiding behind
the cigarette-smoking and heavy-drinking
I see the tears that will never flow
because he’s a man and they do not cry,
so he holds it all in because he’s doing
what others expected of him
—to be a man who doesn’t show emotions—
but he’s desperately seeking approval
to relieve the discomfort. Yet, he won’t
shed a tear on his terms, not even one drop.