Wake Up and Prepare

I must prepare now
before there is no time left.
I must work on my faith,
making sure it is solid.

This life on earth
will be for nothing
if my name isn’t written
in the Book of Life.
And that’s been real honest.

Just one-act of obedience,
heaven is joyful and celebrates.
I don’t want the celebration to end.
Although, I’m just a babe in Christ.
Temptations are harder to fight.

Sinning is shameful in the eyes of God.
So it should be shameful in my eyes too.
I no longer find pleasure in the things I used to do.
I’m conscious; awake; aware.

I pray for full conviction of my soul every day.
Intervention on my behalf.
Not just for my soul.
But for souls everywhere.
Only God can save us
if we deny ourselves and follow Him.

Friendly Reminders #2

Life is the opportunity of a lifetime,
learn from it as you go by.

Life is a beautiful thing,
appreciate the simple things.

Life is only a challenge
when things does not go your way,
don’t treat it like an inconvenience.

Life is a mission,
it is your duty to complete it.

Life is not a promise,
that’s why each moment is so precious.

“Harmless” Fun?

I will not participate in halloween.
People dress up and celebrate this scary day.
That’s “entertainment” that shouldn’t be dabbled in.
No matter how innocent
people make it out to be.

I can’t profess to serve Jesus Christ
yet still participate in this “harmless” fun.
There’s more to this celebration
that cannot be seen on the surface.

Take Time

Same tiring routine every day.
So much going on,
very little excitement.

Time for everything else,
very little for what’s really important.

When it’s time to pray,
that’s when yawning becomes a game.

And reading the Bible turns into a sword fight.
Sleep invites itself to stay.
Constant blinking.

A real fight,
just to stay focused.

Social Media “Friends” 

1,000 “friends” from high school
that you were never really friends with
or barely even knew, in some cases.
In fact, you never really spoke
but they are in your yearbook
so you sent a friend request.
Now, you’re social media friends.

You’re curious about what they’ve been up to.
They’re also curious about you.

Are you happy or sad?
Are you married with children or single?
Are you college educated and successful
or only have a silly diploma?
Where do you live?
Is your house big or small?
Do you travel for work or work some boring job?

What have you been up to since high school?
That’s all they really want to know.
Who’s life is more exciting?

After it’s all said and done.
Crickets. Chirp, chirp!
There’s nothing left to talk about.
Now, everyone is caught up on your life.


I see his pain.
Raw from years of ill-treatment,
just covered up to seal
his steel strength as a man.

Behind the cigarette smoking
and heavy drinking

I see the tears that will never flow
because he’s a man
and they do not cry.

So he holds it all in.
Because it’s expected of him.
To be a man.

Even though, he desperately wants to.
Just once, let it all out.
But he won’t… Cry…
Not one drop of soul-cleansing tear.