The “Human” In Me

I am learning not to question God
there’s a reason for everything He allows
or, don’t allow, I used to say
“Why this?,” or “why that?” and many
times got upset when things didn’t go my way,
but God knows best no matter the outcome.

Treat God Better 

Humankind should treat God better than
the material objects they worship daily;
their faces are always connected
to the various screens of modern technology;
everyday giving their undivided attention
to these outdated, expensive materialistic items
without making a peep, these indulgences
give them a reason to paddle
through the murky waters of life.

But, God never gets outdated
unlike cellphones, smart televisions,
computers, tablets, clothes, shoes,
and makeup, to name a few; He’s the same
today, tomorrow, and forever; you get
the most updated version 24/7;
no upgrades are needed,
and you never have to spend a dime.

Under Control

Chaos, mass confusion, stirred up
by the puppet media, the people are used as
social experiments to see which exercises work
best and what mess needs to be pulled off
the old store shelves there’s constant,
toxic exposure to filth, whatever it takes
to sell lies in those dirty, well-packaged
bundles of entertainment, the government
does whatever it takes to make
the most money in the least amount of time
as vulnerable people drop dead like flies.

The rich grow wealthier by the minute
meanwhile, the working poor gets buried
in debt, loans are the only way out,
the well-fed pigs laugh all the way to the bank,
and the sheep(le), too happy to be led
by politics and world leaders, they eat
everything up without asking questions
participants in a sick mind game that has been
played for thousands of years; people are too blind
to recognize these indulgences were meant to
distract and destroy them for lack of knowledge;
their minds are under satanic attack.

Sin is Sin

Sin is sin, not too many people agree
with those words, they believe
there’s a difference between big and small acts
or serious and playful actions, but excuses
don’t make them less sinful—beware,
the devil is after our minds,
guard them with God’s word and repent.

No Chance to Talk

The pain you see on the surface runs deep
it’s all the years of insecurities
and disappointments piled up into one big mess
you said you understood my pain and shared
a similar story, so I cautiously opened up to you
only two words in I wish, and I could take
them back, you’re making it all about you
not once giving me the chance to talk.

Out of Bondage

The darkness slowly faded, and the veil
eventually lifted from off my eyes;
once upon a time, I fed off the pain
that became my life story; I was starved
for attention and wanted whatever the world
offered me but little did I know
there was a spiritual battle going on for my life
I had wasted all my time and energy
pleasing Satan; yet, God had my back
the entire time I was bent on
chasing after worldly possessions.

Exposed And Freed

What’s done is done
and cannot be undone; I’ve lived a very
prideful life; a very secretive one I’ve always
been afraid of being exposed and judged
for the major sins, I’ve committed behind
closed doors, but recently I’ve had to
deny myself and reveal myself to free myself
from the bondage of living up to other
people’s expectations, God has forgiven me
for having an abortion.