Always Give Thanks

I am learning
not to question God.
There’s a reason
for everything He allows
or, don’t allow.

I used to say
“Why this? ” or “why that?”
and sometimes got upset over things.

But God knows
exactly what to do for everything.
I just have to
keep giving thanks
no matter the outcome.

Treat God Better 

We need to treat God
better than we pamper our phones.

Always in our hands,
getting our undivided attention.

We turn to these distractions for everything.
Why not turn to Him for everything instead?

After all, they are man-made devices.
Devices that gets outdated before we can even blink.

God doesn’t change. He never gets outdated.
He is the same today, tomorrow, and forever.

Why settle for temporary satisfaction?
Why not invest in the real deal?

We only think of Him
when things are falling apart for us.

Put the phones down.
This is a deal we cannot afford to lose.

Everyone is Important

Mass confusion.
Stirred up by the puppet media.

Experiments to see what works best.
And what needs to be pulled from
off the stale shelves.
The nonstop exposure to garbage.

Whatever it takes to sell, sell
lies in those dirty, well-packaged bundles.
Whatever makes the most money in less time.

The rich grow wealthier by the minute.
The working poor are buried in debt.
After debt. After debt.
The well-fed pigs are laughing all the way to the bank.

The sheeple, happy to be led.
Participants in a sick, mind game.
A game they are too blind to even recognize.
Yet, they happily oblige to the rules.

Familiar Darkness

What you see on the surface,
runs skin deep.
Years of insecurities,
piled up into one big mess.
Intervention seems like the right thing.

You say you know pain.
What isn’t shown, you still see
and talking to you should be easy.
Only two words in
and you took it away,
making it all about you.
Interjecting your feelings,
made talking unbearable

Back to square one.
Isolation comes back full force.
Talking to you is pointless.
Would’ve been better off just keeping it in.
No longer feeling like a brave soul.
Retreating back into the cave called security.

Wanted to taste freedom
but opening up
won’t be happening any time soon.
Walked away feeling worst than before.
Floating into familiar darkness,
only a miracle can reach.

Out of Bondage

The darkness slowly faded.
The veil lifted.

Once upon a time,
the light didn’t seem inviting.
Pain accompanied a lifestyle
of bondage far too great.
No peace in the distance.
Or, anything resembling happiness.
Or, love.

Starved for the right attention.
Did those things that people did
when they didn’t know what to do.
They just did whatever it took to survive.

A spiritual warfare was at hand.
A battle was going on for my life.
Either I was handed over to God or the devil.
I didn’t know any of that at the time.

I was stuck on trying to figure things out on my own.
I didn’t think about God.
I wasted all of my time and energy on pleasing satan.
I didn’t realize the attack I was under.

Exposed And Freed

What’s done is done
and can not be undone.
I have lived a very prideful life.
A very secretive one.
Afraid of being exposed.
Afraid of being judged for my sins.
And I am smiling as I write this one.

I’ve had to deny myself;
expose myself
to free myself from bondage.
Pull the curtains on all of my secrets.
Shamefaced, yes.
Scared, just a little.
Liberated, yes.

What people think,
I cannot think about.
It is not my place to assume.
Those things had been weighing heavy
on my heart for a while.
I just wasn’t ready
to wear “The Scarlet Letter”.