The Truth Hurts

The TRUTH HURTS! Many people find it
harder to communicate honesty;
it’s the unpopular route; lies roll-off
tongues effortlessly; few understand
the meaning of accountability;
there’s a justification for everything.

One thought on “The Truth Hurts

  1. The truth as a perception:
    What is truth for one, could be completely opposite to another.
    What one sees from one angle, is not the same from another.
    Only kindness and compassion to really listen and see the other view, still making up our own minds still in that kindness and compassion, well that’s the truth to seek me thinks and the truth to act upon.
    Even then that truth could feel hurtful to another who sees it in a different perception.
    Theirs no winners or losers, it is what it is, all sweet roses painted by numbers in the light of day or night.

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