The Fight to Stay Focused

When it’s time to pray,
that’s when I yawn nonstop,
my eyes enter a blinking competition
and reading the Bible
turns into a spiritual sword fight,
my head bobs back and forth,
sleep suddenly crept up on me;
it’s a fight to stay focused.

Social Media “Friends” 

1,000 “friends” from high school shows up
in your Facebook friends request list,
you accept them though you were never
friends with your old classmates,
honestly you barely even know them,
but now, you are social media friends.

You’re curious about what they’ve been
up to over the years, and they’re also
curious about you. Are you happy or sad?
Are you married with children or single?
Are you college-educated and successful?
Where do you live now–in-state or out-of-state?

Is your house big or small, or are you renting?
Do you travel for work or jobless?
That’s all they want to know.
Who’s life is more exciting? And after
you’ve talked for a few minutes, there’s nothing
else left to say. Now, everyone is caught up
in your life. They’ll never speak to you again.

Families you haven’t seen in a while do this, too.