Stepping Out in Faith

I’ve been through many terrible things
just like everyone else in the world; I’m
no different; I will always cast the first stone
on myself; removing the beam from my own
eyes before pointing fingers at someone else.

I’ve done nothing to stand out, been a blender
all my life sometimes paralyzed with fear
of what man will do to me
if they knew my secrets.

At the end of my life’s journey, it will be I,
and only I, who will have to stand before God,
so I’m stepping out in faith and asking Him
to reveal His will for my life; I’ve never
really been one to stand up for anything,
I’ve always been the person in the back
with nothing to say, so this is all new to me.

Now, I am compelled to stand up
for Jesus Christ; The Holy Spirit is speaking
to me, telling me it’s time to take action,
and I have to take heed.