Silence Is Deadly

Silence is consent.
Believe it or not.
A form of enslavement; a trap.

Used to push an agenda no one
in their right mind would agree with.

When we don’t speak up
about what’s going on around us,
we send the message that we do not care
(even if we claim to care).

Far From Perfection

I’m far from perfection.
though I’ve always been a “good girl”
in my eyes and in the lens of others.
I thought that was enough to get me into heaven,
and boy, was I wrong.

I’ve done many things.
Seen many things.
Heard my fair share.
Spilled large amounts of gossip.
Lied about many things.
Done many stupid things.
Not to mention, having a filthy mouth.

There are a lot of secrets in my closet.
Things I am not prepared to face
but in my pride and shame,
I know it’s time to pick up my cross.
There’s something bigger than my petty crimes
that can convict me for life if I don’t yield.

I admit.
I need a lot of work.
Far from fulfilling God’s purpose for my life.
but I have hope.
In my heart of hearts, I know I am called for something great.
Whatever it is, it will be to glorify God’s name.
And that is what I want.