I won’t apologize
for loving you
like I do.

I’m actually done
pretending not to love you
as deeply as I do.

My feelings have pretty much
remained the same but
it is what it is between me and you.

Black or White

Lying is easy,
whoever said it was not…lied,
lies just roll off dirty tongues;
mouths covered in filth,
breathing is stifled.

The truth is more of a squeeze,
it often seems too surreal;
unbelievable, the things that people say
to hide behind curtains and mirrors,
to uphold framed, superficial images
no wall will ever be able to hold.

Most people believe lies
are more accurate than the truth.

Entertainment or Garbage

You spend a lot of your time
in front of the tv but
almost all of what is shown,
chosen with “you” in mind
is straight up garbage.
It is meant for the dump.
In fact, dump it and burn it.

Money, power and materialistic things
solves everything in the make-believe world.
That’s what gets projected
while your mind is being robbed.

The majority of modern-day living is all for show,
mostly for entertainment purposes.
You don’t need this. You don’t need that.
You don’t need any more junk.

Turn off the tv, it’s for your own good.
Return it, sell it or destroy it.
Whatever rocks your boat.
Set your mind free from
all these mind-controlling distractions.
Sure, it’s entertaining but
you’re better off without it.

Seek The Truth

Seek the truth and you will find it.
Read The King James Bible for yourself.
Know the Bible for yourself so you won’t be deceived.

The world is so corrupt, it seems like everything is a lie.
And, most of it is but not all of it.
You have to dig deep.
The truth is there.
Though deception is on the surface,
working tirelessly to cover up the word of God.

Open your eyes. Wake up.
Don’t be simple-minded.
The devil is real and it’s not hiding behind the shadows,
it’s bolder more now than ever before.
It resides in high places.
Its disciples on a mission to take over the world.
The new world order, who wants that?
They do!
Don’t follow these false prophets unknowingly.

Expect the unexpected.
Prepare yourself to be tested.