Disinfect With Tears

Cry a river, shed your tears
if it will help ease the pain
from the heartache knotting up your insides.
Something has ripped you apart,
powerful enough to shut you down temporarily.
Shed your tears to disinfect the hurt.
It’s for your own good.
Let the healing begin.

Pillow Secrets

There have been plenty of nights
when my pillow was drenched in tears.
Some nights, I shed and shed myself into my pillow,
burying my soul into the cotton embrace
of a friend that has listened to my cries
without ever judging why my tears flow in abundance,
as often as they did.
My pillow just accepts me for who I am.
Every single session without question.
That is real love.

Trapped In A Bottle

Often times,
I feel trapped…
an unwilling participant
in a slow suffocation death.
Trapped in a bottle.
A bottle…
with no room
to breathe or change position.

Hands tied with a vengeance.
Feet bound with a purpose.
Alone with me, myself & I.
Just lying there
curled up in a fetal position.
Soaked in tears;
my tears pouring down profusely.

Then all of a sudden,
the magnitude of my trapped mentality
hits me like a hurricane
and I start punching with all my might,
quarreling to break free
from the confines
of all the things
holding me hostage.

And, I scream;
purposely screaming out
at the top of my lungs,
so much that it hurts.
My voice a strange tone,
(my voice of reason fading)
but no one can hear me,
no matter how loud I scream,
the pain just echoes back.

She Smiles Through The Tears

When he hammers hurtful words her way,
they attack her heart
as they burn, sting, and torch
it to the ground
and sometimes she feel like
nailing her coffin shut

but instead of exchanging sour lemons
with that monster of a husband of hers
she smiles through the tears
dripping from her eyes,
reminding her with trails
of salt water down her cheeks
of why they are better off
threading the waters by themselves.

Tears with Laughter

Sometimes in the middle
of one of my crying escapades
my mind gets diverted
to livelier moments.

My mood automatically changes,
the tears dry up
and I start smiling
from ear to ear
as if the gut wrenching pain
wasn’t just tearing and twisting
my insides into pieces
just a few moments before.