Disinfect With Tears

Cry a river, shed your tears
if it will help ease the pain
from the heartache knotting up your insides.
Something has ripped you apart,
powerful enough to shut you down temporarily.
Shed your tears to disinfect the hurt.
It’s for your own good.
Let the healing begin.

Pain For Pain

When her rejection list grew longer
the cuts on her wrists got worse.
She exchanged pain for pain
even though, the release was only temporary.

Some of the marks stayed on her body
until they faded out and she could not
see or feel them anymore.
Meanwhile, the rest of the marks
left an impression on her skin
that stayed put.
They had nowhere to run.

She likes the adrenaline rush pain brings.
Every time she lashes her wrists,
it gives her a certain high.
She wants to keep experiencing the rush
time after time so she cuts
even though, she cries at same time.