Something To Remember

Hold hands.
Seal the bond.
As husband and wife,
best friends for life.

A lifetime commitment
before God and each other.
Let no man tear that apart.

There will be obstacles along the way
so don’t get too discouraged
when the downs outweigh the ups.
Just hold on and paddle, paddle, paddle.

You will make it.
Don’t give up and don’t give in.
Always remember why you fell in love
and stick with it, keep the fire burning inside.

More Than Just A Fairytale

I want to fall in love, get married
and fall in love with my husband all over,
each and every day,
as if we were falling in love for the very first time

I want to wake up and fall asleep in my his arms
with his chin resting comfortably in my hair,
no talking, just listening to the beat of our hearts.

I want to be held and be spoiled by him
cause I am the best thing that’s ever happened to him,
he’ll know without a doubt that he’s a better man
with me by his side

Why Did They Get Married, Part 1

Their marriage is failing,
she blames only herself.

Over the years, she’s gained some weight
and her husband hasn’t looked at her the same since.
He looks at her like she’s disgusting
and it makes her feel really sad inside.

She cries when he’s not looking;
crying in silence, suppressing her pain;
holding on to her anger and frustrations.
No matter how hard or how long she cries
he does not notice her tear-stained cheeks
or her tear-soaked pillows.

She’s been on a mission to lose weight
to bring him back to her
just the way she was
when they were in love,
back to the hopeless romantic period
when she was his queen.

But he does not see her efforts;
he does not see her fight.

Tortured Love: A Lover’s Tale

It was bad right from the start,
she hung in there for her kids’ sake; she stayed
no matter how many times
he laid his hands on her.

Even when she thought
she was about to die,
she still stayed put
and remained a faithful wife.

Only to be beaten down
at the end of the day,
behind lock and key,
when his anger flared out of control
and his boyhood told him he was a man.

She’s afraid to leave him,
she does not want to raise the kids on her own.
She swears that he is all she’s got
even as she lays sprawled out on the floor
from the wrath of his twitching hands.

Her friends and family
always tried to intervene
but he would stand in the way,
slithering his way around,
dodging bullets,
swearing off lies,
showering her with gifts and flowers
… his clever technique
of control and manipulation.

All in favor of showing
anyone who stands in the way that
he was a loving and caring husband
who loved and adored his faithful wife.

The disturbing thing is:
she is his biggest fan
no matter how many
hospital visits she makes
or how many times her kids
see her bleed.

You Were My Fairy Tale

Once upon a time you were my fairy tale.
First came love then out popped a baby.
There should have been a marriage
but we turned on each other and lost “a good thing”
because of our bossy tirades.

When the nightmare began,
I chose not to walk away
from the drama that unfolded
right before my I’m so in love with you eyes.

I should have listened to the voices of my heart
when it said that things were bad right from the start;
I should have gotten out when the time presented itself
for me to make my great escape.

Maybe I would’ve been happier now
instead of wondering when life will spare me
an ounce of happiness.

I’ve stopped dreaming of spending
my days and time with you.

In fact, I don’t even remember
all the reasons why I loved you
as much as I thought I did
…and to think that one day
I was looking forward
to being your sweeter, wiser half.