I gave him every reason to walk away.
He tried to find every reason to stay.
We couldn’t convince each other.
He left anyway.

And now I feel terrible for pushing him away.
He won’t come back.
I want him back.
We were perfect for each other.
He’s happy.
I’m miserable.

Family Time

Family time. Bonding time,
smiles and laughter,
fun and games.
A great support system for one another.
Rebuilds relationships.
Melts the stress.
Strengthens love.
It should be done more often.

Love Story

She knew
he was “the one”
the moment she looked into his eyes.

He knew
she was “the one”
the moment he laid his eyes on her.

They could tell they were meant for each other
right from the start.
And so it was, they got married and had a family.
God was at the center of their love story.
Their love prospered and grew more determined.

Blurred Love

Once in a while, you say you love me
yet you’ve never cared enough to show how much.
I cannot live in a fantasy’s fog,
exposed to your blurred drug of dreams.
I need to see the clear, crisp light
where love is always present,
not hidden in the darkness of mere existence.

Old Flame

Old flame,
you walked into my dream
and moments later you were gone.
I waited for you by the door
and you came back
sporting a smile that touched your eyes.
You stood beside me and touched my face
with such love and compassion
…the most I had ever felt from you,
and then I woke up.


In her heart,
he’s always there…
waiting for her walls to weaken,
in that window of opportunity
she’ll find any logical reason
to keep him as buried treasure in her
keepsakes of happily ever after(s),

she embraces those happy times
when they were together
laughing and having a good time,
young and in love was the thing to be,
being whisked away by the wind
was not just a fairy tale thing,

she misses being carried over the moon,
holding steadfast to those memories
she won’t let them go,
afraid they’ll escape
through the same front door
she last saw him walking through.

Silent Night

I lovingly tried to
take your hand in mine
as we strolled through the park
laughing and in-tuned
with each others aura of love
when you snatched
your hand away from mine.

It was dark and
there was no way
for me to see or read your eyes
so I didn’t know what to think:
I was stuck in my thoughts
and you didn’t say anything.

We did not speak at all
for the rest of that night.
Neither you or I knew
how to break the knife cutting silence.

Unconditional Love

I have that unconditional love,
the kind that’s so hard to find
in this modern-day lustful world.
The kind of love
some people would die for.
No artificial favors.
No preservatives.
That good, old-fashioned kind.

Patient For Love

I search never again for the perfect mate.
One will come when the time is right.
I’ve matured enough to know
I am better off being patient with love.
Last time I rushed unto the love scene,
years of unhappiness followed.
I’ve learned my lesson
looking for love (in all the wrong places).

No Price On Love

I’m all about love.
It’s such a wonderful gift to have.
The reward is even greater
when love is shown to others.

Many do not know how
to give such a pure piece of their soul.
For them, it’s a rare commodity;
it comes with a hefty price tag.
Like expensive diamonds.