Black or White

Lying is easy,
whoever said it was not…lied,
lies just roll off dirty tongues;
mouths covered in filth,
breathing is stifled.

The truth is more of a squeeze,
it often seems too surreal;
unbelievable, the things that people say
to hide behind curtains and mirrors,
to uphold framed, superficial images
no wall will ever be able to hold.

Most people believe lies
are more accurate than the truth.


lying tongue,
tortured words,
glides smoothly on razor-blades,
each corruption slices and dices,
pasting lacerations as deep as an oceans’ belly,
choked on mouthfuls of blood;
hemorrhaging on lies,
conscience bothering


Depositing your rejection of life
unto another man’s plate.
Playing the role of someone you are not.
A stranger in your own world.
A stranger in another.

Look at you, all comfortable and laid back.
Residing in a house built on lies;
a house built with old sticks.
With just a swoosh of a nice, cool breeze
you’ll be out on the streets.

Why force your way into the lives of the innocent?
One day, you will have to face yourself and
your rewards will amount to nothing but dust.