Oh my! You’ve got that
cursive handwriting down pack,
I’m practically drooling.
It’s not what you say but how
you write that has my heart racing.
Dang, I wish I could
handle a pen (or pencil) like that.

Flow like a Waterfall

She hates that time of the month
when her blood flows like a waterfall.
It makes her feel like glass,
afraid of breaking and accidentally letting her juice spill.
nauseating, backstabbing back aches
head-splitting headaches, and baggy stomach
pain cleanses her system
while it punches her numb.

Bloated Behinds

Women with bloated behinds are nothing new.
In fact, in the golden days,
17th, 18th and early 19th centuries?
women padded their behinds
for that bulging eye effect.

This obsession with silicone butts
is no laughing matter.
It is a serious business
for a self-esteem boost.

So when you see these chicks,
don’t feel any ill way,
they are just bringing back
big ‘ole butts in style
to compete with each other
for that wow factor.