Happiness At My Fingertips

I’ve looked within myself
curious as to what I may find.

I’ve managed to bypass the secrets and unhappy days,
jogging to the good memories,
and jotting down my findings.

Unpleasant things I’d much rather forget,
laughter and love I open up like presents.
I’m surprised by the little it takes to make me truly happy.

A roof over my head.
Clothes on my back.
Shoes on my feet.
Food on the table.
Surrounded by families and friends;
feeling loved.

Yes, this is what happiness is.
This is what happiness should feel like everyday,
before and after the hustle and bustle of
working my fingers to the bone,
trying to make ends meet.

People See Things Differently

I laugh and smile everyday
though sometimes it seems like
I’m always sad to some people
but I’m usually not…sad.
Maybe you caught just me at a not-so-good time
such as when hunger bites
or it could be any number of things
that could be happening at the time.

Changed Within

Nothing’s changed except me,
on the inside I’ve been revamped,
the sadness from my heart wore off,
feeling sorry for myself
has not been the case for years.

Others have pointed out
that I am not the same person as before
and they are right but they don’t understand
what’s so different about me,
they don’t see a visible change
no new hairstyle,
no wardrobe change

even though, I’m happy
they think something must be wrong,
and I would love to explain
what took place but they are busy
coming up with old-time stories
about the way I used to be.

Tears with Laughter

Sometimes in the middle
of one of my crying escapades
my mind gets diverted
to livelier moments.

My mood automatically changes,
the tears dry up
and I start smiling
from ear to ear
as if the gut wrenching pain
wasn’t just tearing and twisting
my insides into pieces
just a few moments before.