Happiness At My Fingertips

I’ve looked within myself
curious as to what I may find.

I’ve managed to bypass the secrets and unhappy days,
jogging to the good memories,
and jotting down my findings.

Unpleasant things I’d much rather forget,
laughter and love I open up like presents.
I’m surprised by the little it takes to make me truly happy.

A roof over my head.
Clothes on my back.
Shoes on my feet.
Food on the table.
Surrounded by families and friends;
feeling loved.

Yes, this is what happiness is.
This is what happiness should feel like everyday,
before and after the hustle and bustle of
working my fingers to the bone,
trying to make ends meet.

Happiness Is

My child
just wants my time,
my energy, my love, my help,
the very best of me
my happiness
means a lot to her
and him
my little one is happily lying next to me
happy as a freshly polished pair of shoes

Enjoying this, this is the moment
or priceless moments
she will always remember
he too
will always remember days like this
when he is old and can hardly remember much,
he will sit in his rocking chair

etched in their minds,
they will think about days like these
today will serve as a valid reminder
of what happiness is
I love moments like these

watching the sparkles in their eyes
the peps in their steps
my cool cats
the rhythm in their voices
music to my ears
the random hugs and kisses
and I love you’s
this is what
happiness is


In My Little Corner

In my little corner,
everything feels safe.
It is the one place
where nothing unwanted can enter.

In my little corner,
all of life’s problems dissolve;
for that time being,
not one problem exist.

Everything always works out,
fairy tales are real,
and everyone is happy all the time.

You Were My Fairy Tale

Once upon a time you were my fairy tale.
First came love then out popped a baby.
There should have been a marriage
but we turned on each other and lost “a good thing”
because of our bossy tirades.

When the nightmare began,
I chose not to walk away
from the drama that unfolded
right before my I’m so in love with you eyes.

I should have listened to the voices of my heart
when it said that things were bad right from the start;
I should have gotten out when the time presented itself
for me to make my great escape.

Maybe I would’ve been happier now
instead of wondering when life will spare me
an ounce of happiness.

I’ve stopped dreaming of spending
my days and time with you.

In fact, I don’t even remember
all the reasons why I loved you
as much as I thought I did
…and to think that one day
I was looking forward
to being your sweeter, wiser half.