Trapped In A Bottle

Often times,
I feel trapped…
an unwilling participant
in a slow suffocation death.
Trapped in a bottle.
A bottle…
with no room
to breathe or change position.

Hands tied with a vengeance.
Feet bound with a purpose.
Alone with me, myself & I.
Just lying there
curled up in a fetal position.
Soaked in tears;
my tears pouring down profusely.

Then all of a sudden,
the magnitude of my trapped mentality
hits me like a hurricane
and I start punching with all my might,
quarreling to break free
from the confines
of all the things
holding me hostage.

And, I scream;
purposely screaming out
at the top of my lungs,
so much that it hurts.
My voice a strange tone,
(my voice of reason fading)
but no one can hear me,
no matter how loud I scream,
the pain just echoes back.