My Brother’s Tragedy

My brother has death marked in his eyes.
His whole aura has changed.
He has all but given up on life.
Whether he lives or dies,
he does not care anymore.
He has reached
the point of no return.

His depression is real deep.
Thoughts of suicide somersaults
in his head like a plague.
Death might be his only release
if intervention doesn’t happen now.

What he’s going through is tearing him apart.
He does not feel loved or cared for;
he feels alone, empty, lost, broken, sad, unhappy.
His journey, his purpose in life abandoned.

A Suicide Fact

It’s more common than what gets publicized,
more common now than ever before.
More and more people (young and old)
think it’s the way to go.

Suicide is a taboo subject.
No one wants to talk about it
but at this very instant…
your brother, sister, aunt, uncle,
cousin, friend, best friend,
boyfriend, girlfriend, son or daughter
even father, mother,
grandfather or grandmother…
the people you’d least expect
to even give this grave idea a thought
could be contemplating suicide
or experiencing a past attempt.

The fact is that
It may never hit home for you
but every couple of minutes
someone makes an attempt to end his or her own life
by hanging, overdosing, firing a single gunshot to the head, etc
…somewhere around the world
…someone will die by his or her
own trembling hands.

The Suicide Series Inspiration

The Suicide Series was inspired by some YouTube videos I saw a good while back on suicide. It was very tragic and heartbreaking about kids and teens taking their lives because they were bullied, which triggered their depression and other fatal wounds. I can’t even begin to imagine what those parents have been through and are going through from losing their child in this manner. Parents, let us be the example that we want our children to be. Every lesson begins with us.

R.I.P to all of them.

Here is a little something I wrote in remembrance:

Shattered hearts.
From within they must heal.
Memories are all that’s left
of their lives cut short.
Their light-bulbs
can never be replaced
because they will never be forgotten.

Afraid of Death

of what’s left in that scented room
…haunting or not…
now sprayed
with the inescapable scent of death

I cannot grasp
the idea of death;
I cannot accept
the inescapable act that’s

I don’t want to think about
the passing of a soul.