My Handsome Son

He is an angelic treat
with his freshly squeezed sense of humor.
He is the genius behind the glasses,
my technology king, my little engineer
with a vivid imagination, always exploring new things.

He is my photographer and filmmaker,
my best man and my Prince Charming.
The talker with that infectious dimpled smile,
there’s never a dull moment.

He gives me strength and plenty of reasons
to smile, to hope, to keep believing
that everything will be alright
through the good times and bad.

He is the other ray of sunlight in my life.

Happy 8th Birthday!
Love, mom

Remnants of Childhood

I don’t usually remember
what it was like to be a child.
Like a flower just starting to blossom.

I often forget
what it feels like to truly let go
of expressing myself.
I embraced myself.
I was obsessed with finding my strength.
I didn’t think anything was wrong with me.
I was the best me I could possibly be.

As a child,
my sole interest was being happy.
And I was.
I was happy.
I lived my life to the fullest,
everyday I lived my life
like it was golden.

Everyday I woke up with a new purpose,
a new meaning, ready to make a new discovery.

I remember my childhood.
The good times outweighed the bad.
Love surrounded me,
a love so strong
I still feel it to this day
whenever I dig deep into my past
I remember when I was a child.

Part 3: The Suicide Series

Everything seems “normal”
from the outside looking in.

You could be the shyest person around
or even the most popular girl or boy;
anyone can become a victim.

For no explainable reason,
one day, your life got turned upside down
by someone who is fighting
his or her own demonic battles.

You are living in a nightmare,
day in and day out,
you try to find an escape route
from the dirty words and jokes,
mean looks, and cruel laughs
of those who are not in your shoes.

You cope and deal with it the best way
that you can
but the pain and scar
of the taunting and teasing
is squeezing your life support.

You start doing and thinking things
That has never really crossed your mind before;
you are constantly in a foul mood,
depressed, and stressed.

You suffer alone
in the confines of your room
wishing you could tell a parent or a friend
but for you, it probably wouldn’t matter at this point
because you are at the end of your rope anyway.

You have been a bullying victim for months,
Inside and outside of school.
Even on the social networks,
there is no breath of fresh air for you;
there is no end to the madness.

None. At least not yet.

Everything is in perspective now,
the pain you feel
won’t ease up
until you are out of the picture.