A Child Again

Once I turned a teenager,
I couldn’t wait to be grown
so I could do grown up things

I hardly took time to enjoy
the last few years of being a child.
I just couldn’t turn 18 fast enough.

I failed to calculate that
“making adult decisions”
would mean working to paying bills
and then some complicated stuff

Before I moved out on my own,
I didn’t have all my ducks in a row
so when I got my own place,
I fell on my butt faster than I could blink

now, fully grown and on my own with kids,
I wish I was a child again,
full of energy and carefree.

My daughter tells me all the time
how she wishes she were grown
so that she could do grown up things
and I tell her “oh no, sweetie”,
“don’t grow up too fast, enjoy being a kid”