Sometimes we feel broken
and don’t know why.
We try to fix ourselves
but nothing seems to do the trick.

No matter what we do;
no amount of tying (or untying)
seem to mend the strings
left cut and dangling.

Him vs. Her

He’s out and about,
kicking it and having a good time,
not thinking about her.

She’s home alone,
eating ice cream and having a lousy time,
thinking about him,
thinking about him.

He is making sure that he is happy
and will do his best to forget
about the mess he just went through.

She won’t give herself room to heal or breathe,
she keeps thinking about what happened
and how things could have turned out differently.

He doesn’t want a relationship anymore,
at least not with her;
He’s fine with being alone.

She keeps wishing they were together again,
she does not want to let go.
She’d rather be with him.

My Brother’s Tragedy

My brother has death marked in his eyes.
His whole aura has changed.
He has all but given up on life.
Whether he lives or dies,
he does not care anymore.
He has reached
the point of no return.

His depression is real deep.
Thoughts of suicide somersaults
in his head like a plague.
Death might be his only release
if intervention doesn’t happen now.

What he’s going through is tearing him apart.
He does not feel loved or cared for;
he feels alone, empty, lost, broken, sad, unhappy.
His journey, his purpose in life abandoned.

Fractured Spirit

When she smiles
the beam doesn’t reach her eyes.
She securely hides her fractured spirit
to ease the discomfort
she feels deep in her heart.
Something is wrong.
Something is missing.

Emptiness stitches the embroidered scars
of her punctured wounds.
She is a closed shell,
shunning anyone who gets in her social bubble.
A prisoner in her own right,
dying to be free
yet tortured by her own shadow of a doubt.

Lost Boy

A “broken” man
is an adolescent lost boy,
desperately smashing rocks so he can compile
his scattered, delicate childhood memories.

Frustration, miserableness, and confusion
matches his attempt to recollect
the fountain of his youth;
vaguely tipping the iceberg
from whence he came.

Painful nightmares
somersaults in the shadows of
his tormented soul