Less Is More

The more materialistic things I long for,
the less happier I become.
It just pollutes the natural odor of my life.
the world; modernization


The more simply things I desire,
the happier I feel, inside and out.
It’s my heart speaking out.
God; traditional

Count Blessings

You’re better off
counting your blessings
than piling up complaints

for your blessings
are added unto you
while complaints will rob you
deaf, blind, and dumb.

Summary of Fall

Leaves fall down
from happy trees
as bright blessings.

Each leaf
serves as a reminder
that when we pray,
our prayers
are not forgotten.

They simply blossom and multiply
when it’s that time
of season.

Thanks and Praise

Before I open
my calculated eyes in the mornings,
the first thing that comes out
of the meditation
of my heart
are words
of praise and thanksgiving.

Not to ask for anything
but to “simply” say
“thank you Lord
for all Your blessings”.

In Need

I’m undeniably
at the end of my rope.
On the brink of a breakdown,
steady feeling sorry for myself.
Thinking that the end
seems fairer and greener
than all the glory in the world.

In need of a friend.
Time to sit down and think.
Ready to leave it all up to GOD
’cause I’m fighting a losing battle
I cannot win.

Each day I cry
my little heart out.
Sitting around
carrying the weight
of the world on my shoulders

There are so many blessings in my life
but my eyes wide open
have remained closed.

In need of hope.
A peace of mind.
I need to find my displaced self.

I live in fear of today.
But I hold out for the tomorrow.
Maybe I should die today
and not live in an empty barrel.

Jesus says he loves me.
I know He loves me.
I know He forgives me.
But it’s so hard to forgive myself.