My Handsome Son

He is an angelic treat
with his freshly squeezed sense of humor.
He is the genius behind the glasses,
my technology king, my little engineer
with a vivid imagination, always exploring new things.

He is my photographer and filmmaker,
my best man and my Prince Charming.
The talker with that infectious dimpled smile,
there’s never a dull moment.

He gives me strength and plenty of reasons
to smile, to hope, to keep believing
that everything will be alright
through the good times and bad.

He is the other ray of sunlight in my life.

Happy 8th Birthday!
Love, mom

Remember Your Day

At the end of your day:
close your eyes
and erase the lack
of appreciation
of love
of peace
of hope
of freedom and happiness
you struggle with to
make your day whole.

Remember all the days
when God blesses you enough
to open your eyes to another day.

Let them go,
release them like flies.
Do not fall asleep
with a heap of worries and regret
weighing heavy on your heart.