Less Is More

The more materialistic things I long for,
the less happier I become.
It just pollutes the natural odor of my life.
the world; modernization


The more simply things I desire,
the happier I feel, inside and out.
It’s my heart speaking out.
God; traditional

Lead By Example

I’ll run that extra mile,
keep doing what it takes
to make it to the other side.

Being a single mother
will not
be “the go-to excuse” for

why this, why not
how could this, how come that
when did this happen, when did that happen
where to go
what to do
if it hadn’t been for this, if it hadn’t been for that
blah, blah, blah!!!

I’m no longer at that
feel-sorry-for-myself stage.
My best is all I can give.

Thank God

I thank God for life.
It’s truly a blessing
when I’m not caught up
in the magazine focus of things.

I thank God for love.
He simplifies everything in life,
making them more manageable.
Whereas, hatred has the opposite effect, there’s definite chaos.

With God, I have peace in the midst of a storm.
I have hope when everything looks dull and dark.
I have understanding, courage, wisdom
…all the tools I need to survive.
I know that with Him
ALL things are possible.
I don’t ever want to lose sight of the truth.

A Humbling Reminder

I’m not better than you
and you’re not better than me.
Because of who I am and how I was raised,
I’ve never been one to place myself on a pedestal
and I refuse to flaunt my blessings in your face.
Truth is: you never know
which way the wind might blow.
Just as quickly as things come,
they can be easily taken away,
with absolutely no explanation.

God Is Alive And Well

The world needs healing,
but only God can do that.
The good suffer while the bad thrives.
The good die young while the bad walks away freely.

But you know what?
Don’t get too discouraged.
God is alive and well.
He hears our cries for help.

Everything we’ve endured is apart of His plan.
Everything He does works together for our good.
At the end of the day, we have all sinned
and have fallen short of the glory of God.

He doesn’t owe us any special favors
but He still provides us with everything that we need.
We are a blessed nation
yet we remain an ungrateful nation.