Different Plans

I want this.
And I crave that.
I make plans for this.
And I make milestones for that.
I tell myself it’s my life
and I’m in charge of every aspect.
I work everything out
down to the last detail
but nothing ever goes by the book.
My creative ideas and God’s master plan
for my life are two different stories.

Look But Don’t Touch

I want this.
And I want that.
It looks greener on the other side.
My side looks dull.

I wish.
And I wish
upon a star
that everything was falling
into place in my favor.

My dream life,
I see folks living.
At least from my side it looks good.
I want what they have.
Why not?
They’ve got it good, they’ve got it all.

Then one day I wake up
and see that the grass is
burnt out on the other side.
Life was not what it seemed.

The lies they told.
The lives they took.
The tears they cried.
Always looking over their shoulders,
that’s no way to live.
I don’t want no part in that lifestyle.

I’m going to enjoy my humble life.
I’m good with what I have now.
I’ll look but I don’t want
what anybody else have worked hard to achieve.

Selfless Help

Let’s help each other.
We’re all one family.
Let’s not look for anything in return.
We’re all in the same boat.
At the end of the day,
life does not discriminate.
Nothing is promised to anyone of us.

“Luck” Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Luck doesn’t stand a chance
while God is in the picture.
There’s no competition or rivalry.
It’s just a copped-out word
that brings forth instant gratification.
It stings to think that
God can make the impossible…
possible at all
so He often gets no credit.
“Luck” seems like a better explanation
when extraordinary things happen.

Where I Came From

Now I look to God for everything.
I used to think
I could do it all on my own,
and acted like I didn’t need Him.
I even stopped praying for a while.
My defenses were down but I didn’t care,
I couldn’t see the light.

As long as everything was good on my end,
I could care less;
I could do it all on my own,
I didn’t need Him for anything.
I certainly thought I was better off
following my own path,
until I was thrown off my high horse
and landed on my butt so hard,
I was torn to pieces
only God could put me back together again.