Triple Power

She passionately serves the people,
taking care of the planet along the way.
And the profit she gains is not monetary.

She does what she does
and that’s just the way she operates.
Her left hand does not know what the right one does.

I see the sparkle in her eyes when she speaks.
It’s a beauty that is indescribable.
Her smile, a beam of light.

Her service to others in need is unbelievable.
She’s blessed more than she’ll ever know.
She possesses a special gift.



I’m feeling confident today
but I feel like escaping tomorrow.
I’m attempting to get my mind screwed on tight.
That is my struggle, the constant tug-of-war;
the need to free me from my imprisoned mind.
I exist in the confinement of other people’s perceptions of me.

Discipline Speaking

Silencing the noises in my head,
when doubt feels confident.

I’ve got one voice in my head
telling me, “it’s okay to disengage today,”
and I’ve got another informing me that
“Avoiding one day won’t hurt,”
While a different one says
“Pick up wherever you left off
whenever you get back from doing whatever you want to do;
you’ve had a profound start; that must count for something”.
And finally, another one will shout
“it’s just one day, what’s the enormous deal with missing ONE DAY?”

What those voices say has nothing to do with me.
I seal them off; I am in control now;
I run the show. This one is discipline speaking now.
If I make the wrong selection and give in,
I’ll never experience the positive outcome.
So I advance towards the finish line
even though my subconscious is
encouraging me to relax.

Get Your Sunlight

Master what you can,
when you can,
while you possess the liberty to forbear.
Become your most desirable version.
Yes, you can
accomplish anything you put your mind to,
just reset your frequency;
a little fine-tuning won’t hurt.
Get your sunlight.
And flourish.

The Silent Ones

Their silence spread
like wildfire on kerosene,
barely above a whisper,
they’ll speak,
their voices pierce
the controlled air.

Here and there,
they give a peep.
Just enough sustenance
to make a beep.

The rest of their words
escape into the darkness
unheard of, suppressed
for the right moment to speak up.

Not My Best Self

I settled for less than I deserved.
Going opposite of my instincts became the norm,
all in the name of a peaceful life.

Quick to budge;
always caving in to other people’s demands.
Being naïve was just getting played out.
I couldn’t keep enjoying my excuses.

Rough around the edges,
bracing for my transformation,
but hard-work stopped the race before I got started.
I wasn’t ready to overcome my fears, or so I told myself.


I write for me.
Though I’m hoping my openness will assist you
in getting to the following chapter in your life.
By selection, I open my heart
to your wounded soul.

God knows the afflictions I’ve faced,
it has not been easy
publicizing my soul to the world.

You’ve felt my vulnerabilities.
Vacationed with me on the back-and-forth
fist-fights with anxiety
and all the predicaments life dishes out under one roof.

I write for me.
Though I’m hoping my openness will assist you
in getting to the following chapter in your life.
By selection, I open my heart
to your wounded soul.