(Still) Green Grass

I look at
the beautiful life
you have on display

And I dare not
even catch
a cold of envy
from your lovely boutique
of happiness,

I do not know
how you earned
those stripes of smiles
you’ve been passing out
with such love and generosity

So I turn myself around,
happy to return
to my side of
the (still) green grass.


Clogged Tears

Red, burning eyes
swells up with
hot, scalding water tears

clogged with pride,
and held back by shame,
they fail to escape

will schedule to
cry some other day
when too much thought
doesn’t go into it.


At a standstill,
that’s how my life
feels right now.

I cannot explain this strange,
yet familiar numbness.

I’m like a car full of gas
that is stalling
as it’s going up
a not too steep hill.

Here I am,
trying with all of my might
to push forward,
but can’t seem to
reach a respectable milestone.

I’m An 80’s Baby!

I’m an old school,
old soul kind of girl.
I believe in
the old fashioned
way of living.

I had to have manners and respect,
there was no room for disrespect.
If I was ever out of line,
I’d be disciplined by the adults
who associated with my family.

You see, I’m an 80’s baby!
I spent my days outside
playing – riding my bike
and rollerskating/rollerblading.
I couldn’t wait to play outside.
That’s where all of the kids were.

And I had to do my chores:
washing dishes, sweeping,
making my bed, folding laundry,
taking out the garbage
…just to name a few…
without whining and complaining.

I read lots of books
and enjoyed every minute of it.
V.C. Andrews was my favorite author.
Though, I still watched a lot of TV,
when permitted.

I didn’t have a cellphone or tablet.
Bedtime was at 8pm sharp.
I didn’t have to
deal with the distractions
plaguing our children today.


Breathing one minute.
So full of life.
It’s evident in the way
you lived your life.
Taken in a second.

For the ones left behind,
life is at a standstill.
Every moment is in reverse,
constant reflection.
Unimaginable loss.

Mental Illness

Mental illness is running rampant.
People’s spirits are weakening,
the strengthen in them
packing its bag and walking away.

Minds are running on empty;
absent-minded folks, no one’s home.
There’s a major detachment,
they are unable to cope with living.

The envelopes are closing,
their final thoughts sealed away.
Reality is decomposing.
Happiness is compromised.
They can no longer fake the smiling.

I Trust God For My Breakthrough

A weight was just lifted.
Finally, I was able
to breathe again.

The celebration was short-lived.
Now, the weight is back on.

It feels like everything is caving in.
I could wallow in self-pity
or trust God for my breakthrough.

He did it before.
And He’ll do it again.
My constant reminder.