Harmed with a dream.
That thing called ambition.
Many hurdles to navigate through.
A marathon runner every day.
Survival of the fittest.
Failures water the soil.

For My Good

Day in and day out.
I pray for the same thing.
Healing in Jesus’ name.
By His stripes I am healed.

And day in and day out.
I am still waiting for an answer.
Though, no matter the outcome,
my trust lies in God’s hands.

I may not be able to see
what He is doing right now but
I know that He’s doing
everything for my good.
All glory and honor belongs to Him.

Blessed Days

“Good days” are blessed days.
“Bad days” are just as awesome.
Every single day is such a blessing.

To be alive and well,
there shouldn’t be any complaining.

We breathe without even realizing
we’ve just taken a breath
that could have been our last.

Separate From The Crowd

One duty to self.
Serve and protect.
This beautiful temple.
From outside intruders.
Separate from the crowd.

What goes in.
What goes out.
Of this mouth.
I can control.
Though I don’t always
do a good job
of biting my tongue.

What I see
with these eyes.
Good or bad.
Does not excuse
my bad behavior.
I am given a choice.
To follow or lead.

And what I hear
with these ears.
99% of it
does not need repeating.
I, too, have sent
many stories into the wind.
Unscathed by the side effects.

Give No Place To The Devil

The foundation rocked to and fro.
The walls came tumbling down.
The backbone behind
the structure walked away.
A trail of fragile
feelings and emotions took over.
The enemy moved in
and has been running the show
ever since the “we” in team left.

Checked Out

One parent shuts down completely.
Keeping malice off petty stuff.
Crying wolf unnecessarily.
She’s better off all by herself.

The other parent cuts off all contact.
No warning signs.
Just washed his hands and walked away.
Apparently, he can’t handle the pressure.

Their children don’t know what
it’s like to have a loving and caring
mother and father .
They’ve both used excuses after excuses
to check out of their duties as parents.

Once Desperate

Back then…
I would’ve accepted
the love of just about
any man who was
willing to treat me half decent.

Half decent, at the time,
meant that I didn’t know
my worth and would’ve accepted
whatever was dangling
from the end of the stick.