Sword Bible

Gotta look the other way
more now than ever.
Temptations come my way
more now than ever.
My mood isn’t always the best.
I could use some encouragement.

Sometimes, I don’t want
to pray or read my Bible.
Deep down I know,
it is my sword.
And I shouldn’t proceed without it.

I need to plant
God’s Word in my heart.
Or, I’ll be lost forever.
I need to do that right now.
This very day.

Strength and Endurance

I have fought
many years to get to
where I am today.
Although, I haven’t
given up much to be
where I have taken a seat.

The real fight
has not begun yet.
When it comes time
to truly stand up for God,
I pray for
strength and endurance.

Segregate Man

the adversary
does not
We are all his victims.

his mission is to
segregate man from
his creator by any
lying means necessary.

That beautiful picture
he paints is just an illusion.
Behind the scenes,
it’s a decaying body.

Not On That Page

I’m not on
that page anymore.

Gossiping does not
excite me.
Drama falls in the same boat.

I have long removed
myself from certain
people, places, and things.

However, still cleaning up
here and there.

If it’s toxic,
I’m walking away.
Doesn’t matter who it is.

Still Empty

I had to find
the strength
to walk away.

I had to stop
looking for companionship
in strange men.

They used me
and to be fair, I did
the same thing I spent
many nights crying over.

I chased after that validation
that I was worth
more than a fling.

In those moments,
I thought I knew
what I needed but
I was wrong.

I walked away
feeling empty
every single time.

Blinking Light

My heart is bleeding.
I need some relief.
Misery takes the joy away.

My head is pounding.
Sometimes, I don’t know
where I belong.
Although, God is
always on my mind.

I’m crying but
nobody hears me.
I’m in pain but everyone
thinks I’m alright.
I’m dying but no one
sees the blinking light.

Entertained By The Devil

My heart breaks
for mankind
so caught up
in themselves,

it’s pathetic
how everything
revolves around
their every little
unnecessary need,

crying and screaming
for more more more
comforting gadgets,
even when their lives
are more luxurious than
90% of the world.

They crave
the wrong attention,
any attention
is often sufficient.
No time to think
for themselves.
Too busy
being entertained
by the devil.