Let Your Peace Count

Forgiveness goes a long way.
Like manners and respect.
Holding grudges carry weight.
Unnecessary misery and regret.
Lifetime burdens.

It might seem okay now
like everything is fine and dandy
but sooner or later
your conscience will tell a different story

It is better to be free
than to be held hostage.
Make it right while you still can.
Let your peace count.

Pray Anyway

Sometimes I don’t
feel like praying
but I do it anyway.

Sometimes I don’t
know how to pray
but I try anyway.

Whether I feel
like it or not,
prayer is a powerful weapon
against the enemy.

Cheerful Giver

Give freely.
Give generously.
Not because of the
stress and pressure
others put on you over
a law that does not
apply to you.
Give freely.
Give generously.
Any amount.
God loves a cheerful giver.
That amount is between
you and Him.

Thin Ice

Life is short.
Often too late
we realize just how
short life really is.

We’re tiptoeing on thin ice.
The end can happen
in a blink.
In the innocent blink of an eye.
It can be terminated.

Sweet Tooth

The devil is a straight-up liar.
That will never change.
Every day, a new con artist
shows up proclaiming to know the gospel.
Scriptures are twisted for tickling, itching ears.
No questions asked.
The people just want to
satisfy their sweet tooth.

Long Way To Go

I’ve got a lot
to learn about life.
I’m far from the finish line
but I’ll get there.

I won’t let anything or anyone
discourage me from
finishing the race.
Distractions and naysayers
are just a part of the journey.

I’ve Moved On

I don’t think about
half of the things I’ve been through.
I’m not at that stage anymore
where it even matters.
I’ve moved on
and do not want to be reminded
of certain things in the past.