World Stage

It’s a BIG idea
The whole world is a stage
filled with staged events
you’re participating in a play
I know, I know
it’s hard to believe you could ever be lied to
Everything has been manipulated
Oh, what a grand design

Time Alone

I just stay to myself,
less is better
I find that spending time alone is a good thing
I don’t have to fuss or fight with anyone anymore,
it’s just peaceful and quiet
no more mazes and manipulation
I don’t want to get caught up
in anyone else’s twisted mind games

God Is Not Dead

The church is not holy or sacred anymore
anything goes! The corrupt world
has taken over; they’ve kicked God
out of the sanctuary—the lying, cheating
stealing is all there. We praise the tongue
of the enemy, lies falsified as truth.
Morals, values, family, and common sense are
meaningless these days, it’s the new normal.

Passionate About God

They looked like crazy old ladies
in this old, broken-down laundromat,
but they were sensible, and I like that
these fine ladies were discussing
the goodness of God; He had done
many great things for them.

The first old lady was blossoming
in her faith, crediting everything she has
to Him; He saved her from destructive self
and many other terrible things.

The second old lady quoted the Bible
like it was her best friend; she loves
the Word of God and reads it every day
it’s been her rock of ages.

The third old lady used to be a pastor
somewhere along the way, she left
the church; she didn’t say why,
but she mentioned that Jesus
was still at the top of her list.

As I listened to those old ladies speak,
sometimes yelling to get their points across,
I had to question my relationship with God
and how much I knew about Him or whether
I lived in His Word or not. Sometimes, I get
so angry at Him I refuse to pray; I’m not
as strong in my faith as I should be,
but I know that God is real
and His love never fails.