Beat Fear and Anxiety

Let your voice break.
Let it shake.
Let it crack.
So what?

Say what you gotta say anyway.
Sound silly in front of many faces.
Ask those questions plaguing your mind.
You’ll eventually learn how to stand without falling.

It shouldn’t matter what people say.
What happens next, you decide.
Kick fear aside.
The true champ inside you awaits.

Get started.
Develop a habit.
Don’t quit.
You’ll win.

Preyed Upon

I don’t want to
waste away my life away
thinking about unnecessary things

I hate to admit it but I
worry about a lot of unnecessary things.

I worry about materialistic things like
the car I drive,
where I live,
or the clothes I wear.
I ask myself questions like
what will people think about me or my family
if we don’t have the things that they do?
At times, trying to keep up
with the latest developments
just to make an impression.

I worry about silly things like
the sound of my voice,
being late,
or not acting cool enough.
Will people laugh at me?
Will my voice break, crack, or shake?
Will I sound like a fool?
I get nervous from the unknown.

Worrying is a cruel joke.
You are preyed upon like a fool.
Your wandering thoughts have created
mission impossible scenes
in your mind only you can see.

Sleepless Nights

Sleep fails me.
The night passes by in slow motion.
Minutes turn into hours.
I’m so exhausted.
My head hurts.
A long day awaits me.
I don’t even want to think
about the struggle it will take
to keep my eyes open at work.
Gotta fake it til I make it another day.

Left Turn

I used to try to
puzzle my way into the long
and overcrowded assembly lines of life,
just like everyone else looking for
a place to belong. But I was never
one to stay put long enough to see
if I’d fit in or not. I always found
a way to carve a new path for myself,
separate from the gathered crowds
following in everyone else’s
footsteps but their own.

The Joys of Love

When you truly love someone,
this overpowering feeling takes over.
Full of warmth inside,
you’ll melt with joy.
Walking on cloud 9
feels like you’re really floating.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I listen
with the intention
of replying.
It’s just how it’s
always been done.

I nod
even when
I don’t know
what you are saying.
Just shaking my head in agreement.

I’ll look away
when I’m no longer
A sure sign of boredom.

I’ll speak
if I think
it’s a requirement.
Though I prefer texting.

I take
a lot of things personal.
Unintentionally, of course.
It keeps me on my toes.

My mind like yours is
stuck on my phone.
It’s so distracting.
The digital age is winning.

The Concept of Sacrifice

Many people would love to have
the opportunity
to do better for themselves.
They would be
so highly motivated
even when they feel like
calling it quits.

Many people die
tragic deaths every day
hoping for the great opportunities
still available for anyone to seek.

America is their destination.
Oh, how they’d work their fingers
to the bone if they could.
Just to touch foot on this soil,
they wouldn’t think twice about
the long hours and minimum wage.

They’d work nonstop,
they have goals to reach.
This is their Olympics
and they are going for the gold medal
in every category.

Hardwork is hard,
it pays to work hard,
and they totally understand
the concept of sacrifice.