Beat Fear and Anxiety

Let your voice break.
Let it shake.
Let it crack.
So what?

Say what you gotta say anyway.
Sound silly in front of many faces.
Ask those questions plaguing your mind.
You’ll eventually learn how to stand without falling.

It shouldn’t matter what people say.
What happens next, you decide.
Kick fear aside.
The true champ inside you awaits.

Get started.
Develop a habit.
Don’t quit.
You’ll win.

Hell Is Patient

Earth is the devil’s playground.
Ruled by a jealous fallen angel.
Everything it takes will be done to entice you.
And when you take the bait,
all he does is laugh and move on the next one.
Leave no doors open for him to enter in.

Hell was not created for mankind.
Not even the devil wants to reside there.

Hell is patient.
However, it is not kind or loving.
There’s no comfort down there.

Here on Earth, it is your ONE chance
to serve a mighty God.
How you live will determine who is your master.
Either you choose God or the devil.
But you cannot serve both.

The devil will offer you hell in a hand-basket
SIN, SIN, SIN at its finest.
Nothing but temporary things
But condemnation will be the only permanent thing.

If you live for Jesus Christ.
Your reward will be in Heaven.

Everything you’re going through is only for a season.
Don’t get caught up in pleasing the world.
The devil is not your friend and will never be.

Less Is More

The more materialistic things I long for,
the less happier I become.
It just pollutes the natural odor of my life.
the world; modernization


The more simply things I desire,
the happier I feel, inside and out.
It’s my heart speaking out.
God; traditional

A Tree Within Me

There’s a tree growing within me,
a hope like fire burning within me,
a thirst like water running within me,
a courage like love fueling me,
success is my story

fear has no place here,
it has a sour and bitter taste I hate,
a big, big lie that should never be believed,
a prison with limited access,
locks and chains that takes courage to break

This Morning’s Reflection

I have been reflecting all day,
no longer drunken with anger.
I’ve been sober for hours.

This morning could’ve turned out better.
There are so many things I could’ve done better.

It takes a lot of restraint to not go crazy
when an elevated level of madness takes over.

In truth, there was no point in overreacting
What goes around comes back around with great vengeance.

So as the night approached,
my anger all but soon disappeared.


This Morning

This morning, I was angry enough to hurt a fly.
I was fuming at the ears and nose.
I had let someone toxic get under my skin.

This morning, I wanted to throw things.
I didn’t care what or who got hurt in the process.
I had to walk away from the scene.

This morning, I was ready to go to jail
but then I had to step back and think
“Would it be worth it to lose my freedom?”.

I didn’t plan for what took place this morning to happen,
circumstances unfolded, tempers flared
and I didn’t take time to catch my breath,
to think, to proceed with caution.


Still Learning

I am still learning how to
Love unconditionally,
Laugh uncontrollably,
Sing at the top of my lungs,
Dance like I know what I’m doing,
Pray from my heart,
Write without boundaries

I am still learning how to be
a good listener,
more understanding,
a cheerful giver,
a better human being