Imperfect Masterpiece

Every juncture of my life
has been injected with ups and downs
There’s always something
crumbling down around me
My life is an imperfect masterpiece

I think about times in the past
when I was at rock bottom
from the bottom looking up
I couldn’t imagine I’d be where I’m standing today
battling those same ups and downs
that pushes me to be my best

A Tree Within Me

There’s a tree growing within me,
a hopeful fire burning within me,
a well of water running deep within me,
a courageous love fueling me,
success is my story

fear has no place here,
it has a bitter taste I hate,
a lie that should have never been believed,
It is a prison with minimal access
and I will not be silenced

Beat Anxiety

Let your voice break the sound barriers,
or shake like an earthquake,
or croak like a frog
So what?

Say what’s eating you alive, anyway. Sound silly
in front of many faces, ask those questions resting
uncomfortably on your mind like an unpleasant aftertaste,
don’t swallow your words; they’ll keep you up
at night as they’ve done every time you withdraw
your courage from the table

Today was the day you intended to come out
of your comfort zone. Soon you’ll learn to stand firm if
you follow through on your promises.
Kick fear over the ledge.
The undiscovered champion inside you awaits.

Less Is More

The more worldly things I long for,
the less happy I become; it just pollutes
the natural odor of my life; I’m taking
the world in moderation while recognizing
it’s on an upward spiral to modernization.


The more simple things I desire, the happier
I feel; my heart is speaking out; God’s way is
the unpopular route, and the one I’m after;
His Word remains unchanged
when everything else is changing.