People of every shade exist
on every continent, some lighter, some darker
some people say they don’t see color
yet colorism is clear when the mid to darker
shades bleach their skins for love and acceptance,
and that’s putting the deceit nicely,
the lighter shades are considered superior
above the rest, and that’s painting the picture
with care, better treatment comes from being lighter
sometimes they can pass for white
and end up in another class.

I Appreciate The Struggles

I didn’t always appreciate the difficulties I encountered
growing up in a home, I despised.
I administered more anger than anything at the time
playing and replaying those uncomfortable episodes,
I did my best to forget. I didn’t understand why
it had to be me who had to go through the terrible struggles
that have unequivocally made me who I am today;
I am more confident and more knowledgeable than I appear.

Talks with God

On my way to work, I talk with God
about life. I place all my burdens
at His feet and remind Him
of His promises. While my heart
and flesh have failed me, not once
has He deserted me after making
many beds for myself, I’m so
grateful to be alive and thriving.