Clogged Tears

Red, burning eyes
swells up with
hot, scalding water tears

clogged with pride,
and held back by shame,
they fail to escape

will schedule to
cry some other day
when too much thought
doesn’t have to go into it.

Well-Deserving Vengeance

Looking back
used to be
my real cup of tea.

It used to
taste better
than the first time
around, or so I thought.

All fine and dandy;
happy galore,

The pain I had buried deep;
tucked away neatly inside,
would rehash with a
well-deserving vengeance.

Talks with God

On my way to work,
I have a talk with God.
I just lay it all at His feet
and remind Him of His promises.
While my heart and my flesh has failed me,
He has not once deserted me.
I’m so grateful to be alive.

“I Told You So” Mentality

I cannot talk
to my family
about anything.

Everyone has this
“I told you so” mentality
that’s so condescending.

They just want to
feel right about everything.
Far from being supportive.

Left to suffer alone,
they just don’t seem to understand

that all they have to do is listen.

Hell Is Patient

Earth is the devil’s playground.
Ruled by a jealous fallen angel.
Everything it takes will be done to entice you.
And when you take the bait,
all he does is laugh and move on the next one.
Leave no doors open for him to enter in.

Hell was not created for mankind.
Not even the devil wants to reside there.

Hell is patient.
However, it is not kind or loving.
There’s no comfort down there.

Here on Earth, it is your ONE chance
to serve a mighty God.
How you live will determine who is your master.
Either you choose God or the devil.
But you cannot serve both.

The devil will offer you hell in a hand-basket
SIN, SIN, SIN at its finest.
Nothing but temporary things
But condemnation will be the only permanent thing.

If you live for Jesus Christ.
Your reward will be in Heaven.

Everything you’re going through is only for a season.
Don’t get caught up in pleasing the world.
The devil is not your friend and will never be.

Less Is More

The more materialistic things I long for,
the less happier I become.
It just pollutes the natural odor of my life.
the world; modernization


The more simply things I desire,
the happier I feel, inside and out.
It’s my heart speaking out.
God; traditional