Trapped Emotions

I have tons of trapped emotions
that requires constant releasing.

As I work through the negative ones,
the positive emotions must take center stage.

There have been many instances where
I’ve found peace,
been confident and courageous,
and accepted myself for who I am.

Those are the moments that are worth
remembering and repeated on a daily basis.

“Luck” Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Luck doesn’t stand a chance
while God is in the picture.
There’s no competition or rivalry.
It’s just a copped-out word
that brings forth instant gratification.
It stings to think that
God can make the impossible…
possible at all
so He often gets no credit.
“Luck” seems like a better explanation
when extraordinary things happen.


Each day is uncertain
and I pray that I am prepared
when my time comes.

I plan to be here up into my 80s.
I don’t have the final say
but I hope this will stand true
as I have a big task to accomplish.

I start and end my day with prayer.
God is my strength, joy, and peace
in the midst of each storm.
I just couldn’t do it without Him.

I Love God

I want to go to heaven.
You are in my heart.
God is awesome.
He is perfect beyond imagination.
He brings me joy.

I want to meet You when I die.
I hope I go to You when it’s time
but right now I’m on Earth
living a happy life.

(by Nyejah, age 7)

Take Heed

Who’s certain of their salvation?
Who’s ready for that day
that’s sure to come?

To stand before God.
Speechless and humbled.

Who’s prepared for that day?
Whose name is written in the Book of Life?

Eternal peace or eternal damnation.
Who knows the hour or the day?
Appointed once to die.

Far From Perfection

I’m far from perfection.
though I’ve always been a “good girl”
in my eyes and in the lens of others.
I thought that was enough to get me into heaven,
and boy, was I wrong.

I’ve done many things.
Seen many things.
Heard my fair share.
Spilled large amounts of gossip.
Lied about many things.
Done many stupid things.
Not to mention, having a filthy mouth.

There are a lot of secrets in my closet.
Things I am not prepared to face
but in my pride and shame,
I know it’s time to pick up my cross.
There’s something bigger than my petty crimes
that can convict me for life if I don’t yield.

I admit.
I need a lot of work.
Far from fulfilling God’s purpose for my life.
but I have hope.
In my heart of hearts, I know I am called for something great.
Whatever it is, it will be to glorify God’s name.
And that is what I want.

Hell Is Patient

Earth is the devil’s playground.
Ruled by a jealous fallen angel.
Everything it takes will be done to entice you.
And when you take the bait,
all he does is laugh and move on the next one.
Leave no doors open for him to enter in.

Hell was not created for mankind.
Not even the devil wants to reside there.

Hell is patient.
However, it is not kind or loving.
There’s no comfort down there.

Here on Earth, it is your ONE chance
to serve a mighty God.
How you live will determine who is your master.
Either you choose God or the devil.
But you cannot serve both.

The devil will offer you hell in a hand-basket
SIN, SIN, SIN at its finest.
Nothing but temporary things
But condemnation will be the only permanent thing.

If you live for Jesus Christ.
Your reward will be in Heaven.

Everything you’re going through is only for a season.
Don’t get caught up in pleasing the world.
The devil is not your friend and will never be.