The concept is family.
Now imagine a man,
adopting another family as his own.

When no one else was in proximity, he was there.
He’s the total package.

A noble friend.
An accomplished cook.
An enthusiastic reader.
A rhythmic piano player.
An instrumental teacher.
A perfect son for any parent
A dependable husband for any woman
An exemplary parent for any child
What’s not to love?

Yet, there is no assurance he is who says he is.
You only know him from the angle he shows.
Courteous and caring
His anger always under wraps.
Never an ordinary moment with this man.
But there has got to be more; you’ll soon find out.

He doesn’t have a family of his own.
His father verbally abused him;
he was a disappointment in the older man’s eyes.
So, he drank himself to sleep every night
running away from the pain of his childhood.

Then his wife ditched him for another man.
He wasn’t what she was looking for in her life.
And he never had a child of his own.

You became the family he never had.
And he appreciated every moment.
When no one else was around, you were there.
He died with a family to call his own.

“Luck” Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Luck doesn’t stand a chance while God is in the picture.
There’s no competition, just a copped-out word
that brings forth instant gratification. It stings to think
God can make the impossible possible at all,
so He often gets no credit. “Luck” seems like
a better explanation when extraordinary things
happen to ordinary folks.

Sin is Sin

Sin is sin, not too many people agree
with those words, they believe
there’s a difference between big and small acts
or serious and playful actions, but excuses
don’t make them less sinful—beware,
the devil is after our minds,
guard them with God’s word and repent.

I Love God

I want to go to heaven.
You are in my heart.
God is awesome.
He is perfect beyond imagination.
He brings me joy.

I want to meet You when I die.
I hope I go to You when it’s time
but right now I’m on Earth
living a happy life.

(by Nyejah, age 7)

Take Heed

Here’s a mindboggling question. Ready, set, go!
Who among you is sure of their salvation?
That day is guaranteed to come one day, often
sooner than expected, you must stand
before Almighty God, speechless and humbled
you won’t know what to say
you’re appointed once to die.

There is Still Hope

Though we find many reasons to complain,
still put on “a happy face,” by God’s grace,
we are alive to experience another day
(there is still hope); the Bible says
we are appointed once to die,
and after that, hope is gone
unless we accept Jesus Christ.