What’s Eating Me?

Fear is eating me alive – I am ready to overcome.
How do I get outside of myself to be true myself?
I don’t know who I am and have yet to realize who I’ll become.
Everything about me has been a lie.
I’ve been fooled into believing I’m not worth a thing.
I am not the fear and anxiety that’s been my whole existence.

Safe Room

You’ve been hurt
and it shows.

It’s in your eyes
and in the sound of your voice.

One just simply need to
read between the lines of those
carefully chosen careless words;
the jig is up.

It’s in your justified actions.
You don’t smoke and drink
out of habit because it’s what
the cool kids did back in your day.

You are in your safe room
still braving out your childhood trauma.
You just don’t know how
to cope no other way.

Back To Square One

I’ve turned over a new leaf.
I’m taking the time
to get to know myself;
I’m doing something
I’ve never done before.

Even before I became of age,
I was too busy thinking
I always needed to have someone
to make me feel loved and appreciated.

But my fantasy and reality
were like night and day.
I ended up feeling more isolated
than when I was alone.

Different Plans

I want this.
And I crave that.
I make plans for this.
And I make milestones for that.
I tell myself it’s my life
and I’m in charge of every aspect.
I work everything out
down to the last detail
but nothing ever goes by the book.
My creative ideas and God’s master plan
for my life are two different stories.

Look But Don’t Touch

I want this.
And I want that.
It looks greener on the other side.
My side looks dull.

I wish.
And I wish
upon a star
that everything was falling
into place in my favor.

My dream life,
I see folks living.
At least from my side it looks good.
I want what they have.
Why not?
They’ve got it good, they’ve got it all.

Then one day I wake up
and see that the grass is
burnt out on the other side.
Life was not what it seemed.

The lies they told.
The lives they took.
The tears they cried.
Always looking over their shoulders,
that’s no way to live.
I don’t want no part in that lifestyle.

I’m going to enjoy my humble life.
I’m good with what I have now.
I’ll look but I don’t want
what anybody else have worked hard to achieve.

Selfless Help

Let’s help each other.
We’re all one family.
Let’s not look for anything in return.
We’re all in the same boat.
At the end of the day,
life does not discriminate.
Nothing is promised to anyone of us.