Dungeon Home

It took many years
of isolation
from the contamination
that was my broken family
to finally get
to a place where
I no longer feel like
the dirt
I was convinced I was
as a child growing up
in that twisted dungeon
of a house
that became
the only home
I had ever really


People often look at me
with that puzzled look
that says “what do you have to say?”
about this or that

And when I shake my head and say nothing,
they often look away as if wounded
like that was my chance to save the day.

I never have much of anything to say,
I’m more of an observer.
Speaking up does not make one wiser.

Information need time to marinate.
And sometimes people are just
simply looking for a reaction.

A Better Me

To be
a better me
is my daily goal.

I no longer wait
’til the end of the year
or the beginning of the new
to figure out my weak spots.


I am brave now
because I have been
afraid long enough.

I am tired
of running away
from the truth
of where I’ve been;

the things
I’ve seen, said, and done
cannot be undone.

Positive Thinking

Keep the darkness out;
push negativity over the cliff.
Clear your thoughts,
no more doubting.
Only let the light in,
you deserve a positive start.

Letting Go of Regrets

I don’t regret
my past.

However there are some things
I would’ve done different
or not at all
had I known better.

Before I would’ve given anything
not to be in the position I was in.

Regardless of my journey,
I’m very thankful and grateful
for the lessons I’ve learned.

Good or bad,
I am here
through it all
for a reason.