Resisting Begins With Prayer

As much as I am a praying woman,
some days I just don’t
feel like praying at all.
But I have learned
to just dismiss that crazy thought
because I know
how powerful prayers are.
Resisting the devil begins here.

Kidnapping Ring

another kidnapping ring.
There are real criminals there
but there are also innocent people
locked up in there for crimes
they did not commit.

Trust and Obey

Seek after
The Lord Jesus Christ
and His righteousness
and everything else
will be added to your life
according to your obedience.

Life On A String

It’s crazy how
a person’s professional title,
income status,
and social life
matters more than
securing a place
into God’s kingdom

Dumbed Down

don’t let all of these distractions
poison your mind,
for they are designed
exactly for that purpose
(and more than you will ever know).
Meant to dumb you down.