I Don’t Care To Explain

I don’t care to explain
who I am,
why I am the way I am,
what made me this unapologetic,
or when did I become so careless with speaking my mind.

I’m not perfect.
Never will be.
I’ll never be like you or be who you want me to be.
It just doesn’t work like that.

Explanations aren’t necessary anymore.
There comes a time in life
when you just don’t give a damn
about what anyone thinks.
And it’s actually better that way (for my mental health).

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Care To Explain

  1. It is you who lives with you the most
    So living with you is your job
    When you love to live with you
    Loving to live your way
    Life is much sweeter by far

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  2. Reblogged this on From the Heart of Me: Live and commented:
    Amen to this!

    While I remain a compassionate and helpful individual, I will NEVER concern myself with opinions again–not in terms of those opinions altering who I am. I am down for constructive criticism that helps me be better not more palpable.


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